5 Best Browsers That Still Support Silverlight

Silverlight can only be accessed by using outdated browser versions

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Key notes

  • Silverlight was retired in 2022. As a result, it became inaccessible for some devices and browsers.
  • Note that Microsoft Edge’s IE mode is a great choice for Silverlight.
  • Windows 10/11 can work effectively without Silverlight, but installing it will help you access diverse content formats.
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Nowadays, application development companies are making different versions of their products, for instance, having a native app version and a web browser app.

However, web applications like Silverlight require a fast, stable, and reliable browser to support them. Likewise, not all browsers support Silverlight. Therefore, we have this article to help you choose the best browsers for it.

Silverlight is an application by Microsoft corporations. It is a development tool that helps you write, utilize, and run web browser apps and native applications. It is available over different operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux. Also, it can be used for streaming videos, viewing graphics, and media content online.

Furthermore, it is a cross-browser & cross-platform plugin. Also, Silverlight was discontinued in early May 2022. It is causing some issues with users accessing it. However, there are ways you can still use Silverlight after discontinuation.

How do I use Silverlight after June 2022?

After June 2022, the only official option that Silverlight recognizes to use is Microsoft Edge’s IE mode.  The IE mode of Microsoft Edge is an integrated mode that allows you to access the services of Silverlight.

Although Silverlight has limited access to a few means through the web, browsers like Internet Explorer 10/11 and Microsoft Edge’s IE mode are authorized.

What is replacing Silverlight?

Most devices across different operating systems depend on advanced media systems that help you get the best experience. However, they don’t necessarily need Silverlight because of the fast developments in the browser app industry. After Silverlight was retired, lots of alternatives came up.

Furthermore, several alternatives can successfully replace Silverlight. Software like Blazer, Adobe AIR, React JS, and HTML5 are replacements for Silverlight after its discontinuation.

However, HTML5 is one of the most reliable technologies for web browser media. After Silverlight was retired, companies like Netflix switched to using HTML5 video, and it’s been working fine till now. Also, Adobe AIR is a good alternative for Silverlight. It is one of the best for building cross-platform applications like apps for desktops and mobile.

What browsers still support Silverlight?

Opera One – Best for Silverlight

Opera One is one of the best browsers in the market. It has been around for a long time and has lots of users. Its major features are a customizable browsing interface, fast action, smooth internet connection, and secure browsing session.

However, it has features that make it a perfect browser that support Silverlight. Likewise, Opera One can access multimedia content easily across different operating systems.

Opera One

Access Silverlight without errors with this reliable and secure browser!

Internet Explorer – Packed with great features

Internet Explorer is one of the best browsers in the market. It is fast and flexible to use. Also, it comes with a simple user interface that makes it accessible to every user.

Some features of Internet Explorer are browser security, fast and reliable internet access, customizable user interface, and user privacy. Also, the IE browser is one of the few browsers that support Silverlight.

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Chrome – Best for tweaking extensions

Silverlight doesn’t support all versions of Chrome browser. However, old browser versions can run the software smoothly because they were certified before discontinuation.

Nevertheless, there are ways to configure your Chrome browser to support Silverlight. Likewise, Chrome has the best extensions for online streaming. It means it has the best Microsoft Silverlight plug-in for Netflix and other streaming platforms.

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Firefox – Enhanced tracking protection

Mozilla Firefox is another amazing browser that supports Silverlight. As said earlier in Chrome, the latest versions of browsers don’t work smoothly with Silverlight.

So, to use Silverlight properly on your device, you need to download any version of Firefox before 2022. It’ll help you work smoothly with the software because it supports and works well with it.

Some features of Mozilla Firefox are speed, user data protection, and privacy. Also, it is Chromium-based and has a vast repository of extensions and plugins.

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Microsoft Edge – Ideal for Windows users

Edge is the default browser for Windows devices. It is available across different operating systems like macOS, Linux, etc. Likewise, it comes with lots of features that make it one of the best choices of browsers to use for Silverlight.

Also, it has a host of extensions users can download and install. Furthermore, it has a very customizable interface that permits the users to configure their browser how they want.

Silverlight requires a browser with a fast browsing speed and a high protection system to support it. Hence, Microsoft Edge fits into the preference of the browser for Silverlight. It also supports it. Officially, the IE mode of Microsoft Edge supports Silverlight, unlike other browsers that were affected after it was retired.

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Does Windows 10/11 need Silverlight?

Silverlight is a unique software that is available across different operating systems like Windows. However, it is not accessible to all versions of Windows because of its requirements. Although Silverlight is not necessary for Windows 10/11, its need can’t be neglected.

There are some platforms and sites that require Silverlight to play multimedia content. So, it is an additional feature to have on your computer as it’ll help you enjoy more convenience in accessing different content.

Nevertheless, we recommend that users get the Silverlight that is compatible with their devices and operating systems. Also, using the browser that supports Silverlight is essential which is why we have discussed them earlier.

In conclusion, there are several issues you can encounter while using Silverlight. So, users can read our article about the seven ways to fix Silverlight when it’s not working.

Likewise, installing Silverlight can be difficult for some users. Hence, we have put together a simple guide to put you through how you can install Silverlight on Windows 10.

Leave your comments and suggestions below in the comments section, we’d like to hear from you.

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