8 Best Browsers with Workspaces to Improve Daily Browsing

by Afam Onyimadu
Afam Onyimadu
Afam Onyimadu
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  • Tab grouping or workplaces, gives you a lot of flexibility in organizing your work on a web browser. 
  • Opera One is one of the few web browsers that come pre-configured with the workplaces function. 
  • You will be able to get this tab grouping function using extensions on many browsers.
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Navigating and surfing the internet is a massive part of our lives. From doing simple research to entertainment, there are no limits to what we will find on the internet.

However, it is easy to get things muddled up since modern browsers permit you to open as many tabs as possible.

Hence we recommend using browsers that have or allow workspaces or tab groupings. This way, you do not have to mix up your tabs and can always know where to find what.

If you need a browser with workspaces, stick around because we share all you need to know and our recommendations in this article.

For Windows users, you may opt for any of the most secure browsers for Windows 11.

What is Opera One browser workspace?

Opera One Workspaces transform a disorganized browser into a valuable and productive instrument. You may use this capability to create several workplaces for various activities.

For instance, you might make workspaces for networking, sports, commerce, and business.

Does Vivaldi have workspaces?

While Vivaldi does not call it workspaces, it has similar features. We will discuss this later.

Does Firefox have workspaces?

You may not have workspaces on Firefox, but it has extensions for this functionality.

What are the best browsers with workspaces?

Opera One – Comes with an elegant design

Let us start by saying this is the king of workspaces. By right-clicking on the tabs you can shift them into whatever workspaces you desire. It is straightforward and efficient.

Other than that, the Opera One browser comes with an elegant design and is appealing and feature-rich. At the left pane, you can integrate messenger, Twitch, and other functionality.

It is our favorite to use and will allow you to create an Opera One workspace shortcut.

Additional features:

  • Built-in adblocker and VPN
  • Import Bookmarks
  • Up to date AI
  • Modular AI-ready design
  • Tab Islands

Opera One

Organize tabs and integrate every tool you need for a fully functional workspace!
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Chrome – Robust functionality

The Chrome browser, owned by Google and is the most used globally. We love it because it has a vast extension library that you can add to its already robust functionality. Unfortunately, the downside is that it is resource-intensive.

However, with the Chromes Workspaces extension, you may designate a workspace for a specific academic topic, personal project, holiday wish list, or vacation itinerary.

Additional features:

  • Media controls
  • A very private Incognito mode
  • Account profiles

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AVG Secure Browser – Improved productivity

If you search for one browser with both tabs management and high privacy, you found it here.

AVG browser is open-source built and it offers work optimization tools with reliable security to always be safe against tracking parties.

Even though it doesn’t include multiple workspaces, you can customize everything from UI to privacy settings as we speak.

In addition, you have tabs grouping and customization, mandatory HTTPS encryption, Stealth Mode against tracking cookies, or adware protection.

Additional features:

  • Hack-check feature
  • Privacy Guard
  • Webshield protection utility
  • Antivirus integration

AVG Secure Browser

Switch between tasks easily using AVG productivity and security tools.

Firefox – Enhanced tracking protection

Here is another robust browser. Off the box, you may lack the functionality of the workspace, but it has several alternatives in the form of extensions.

Tab Workspaces is one we love. To display the Palette, which lets you browse for tabs independent of the workspace or windows they are in, click the extension icon and select a workspace.

Lastly, Firefox is a privacy-conscious browser that offers a private mode browsing option for elevated privacy.

Additional features:

  • Enhanced tracking protection
  • Private browsing
  • Page actions menu

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Edge – Tracking prevention

Microsoft Edge was introduced in Windows 10 and 11 and has since started gaining popularity.

In addition to its many functions, it also has added the Workspaces functionality. It was created to streamline the user’s surfing experience by using different windows for various unrelated activities.

The best part of this browser is that users will now be able to use the extensive Chromium extension library.

Additional features:

  • Enhanced InPrivate mode
  • Tracking prevention
  • Vertical tabs

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Vivaldi – Custom Search Engines

browser with workspaces

While Vivaldi does not offer Worsspaces per se, it has two great features that fulfill the role. First is the Web Panels that allow you to create different web browser windows.

Secondly, it has an already integrated tab management system called tab stacks. You can create stacks by grouping them according to themes.

Additional features:

  • Split-screen tabs
  • Custom Search Engines
  • Tracking Protection

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Brave – Enjoy Brave rewards

browser with workspaces

Like Vivaldi, the Brave browser does not have the same Workspaces feature as Opera, but it offers an excellent tab grouping function.

You will be able to separate tab groups based on the themes you need. Other than this, we love the browser, because it is great for privacy.

Additional features:

  • Settings import
  • 3X page load speeds
  • Brave rewards

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Ghost Browser

browser with workspaces

This is the browser explicitly made for Workspaces and dubbed the browser for tech pros.

With Ghost browser, assigning a unique proxy to every tab or group of tabs in a flexible manner is possible with color-coded sessions because they contain independent cookie jars that allow you to connect to many accounts at once.

Additional features:

  • Chrome extensions
  • Fight tab bloat
  • Multiple identity types

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How do I create a workspace in Firefox?

  1. Navigate to the Tab Workspaces extension page.
  2. Click on Add to Firefox.
  3. Tick the Allow this extension to run in Private Windows checkbox, and click the Okay button.
    browser with workspaces
  4. Click on the tab Workspaces icon and then click the plus icon.
  5. Any new tab you open will fall under this new workspace.

And there it is, the best browser options that use workspaces. So while some of them have the feature out of the box, you will need a browser extension in others.

Let us know which browsers are your favorites to use with workspaces.

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