App to Know Name of Caller: 7 Best to Use in 2024

Choose the best caller ID app to find out who is calling you

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Key notes

  • A caller ID app gives you the opportunity to finally find out the identity of anyone who calls you.
  • We present you an app that helps you identify unknown incoming calls and also warns you against unwanted calls via a community-based spam list.
  • You can also find a caller ID app that performs any phone number search and reverse phone number lookup.
Find the best caller ID apps to find out who's been calling you

In today’s modern technology era, everyone uses mobile phones, and we all have tons of contacts on our devices.

However, we can’t always identify the person who is calling us because we might not have them in our contact list. It could be a friend calling, but it could also be an unknown caller.

If you’re tired of trying your best to find out the identity of the person who keeps calling you frequently, your best bet will be a caller ID app.

In case you’ve grown tired of experiencing unexpected calls from unknown numbers and of trying to find their names and details, this article will show you some solutions.

We picked seven of the best caller ID apps for Windows which will solve all of your privacy-related problems.

So, make sure to check them all out together with their features and decide which one is the most appropriate for your needs.

What are the best caller ID apps for Windows PCs & phones?

1. Truecaller

caller ID apps

This app helps you identify unknown incoming calls, and it also warns you against unwanted calls via a community-based spam list.

TrueCaller currently has more than 250 million users all over the world who contribute to the community that we have previously mentioned.

Check out its most significant features below:

  • The Live Caller ID shows you who is calling even in case of numbers that are not stored in your phonebook Live Caller ID requires 3G or Wi-Fi, and you can only install it on your phone’s memory, not on your SD card.
  • Block unwanted calls from spammers and telemarketers.
  • Search for any phone number to see who it belongs to.
  • Get in touch with people through name search which is a Professional feature.
  • Yelp! The integration will make sure to deliver fast search results for local businesses.
  • You can also use Live Tiles to see the notifications and more relevant data on your phone’s home screen.

The latest version of the app brought some improvements, and we’ll also list these new features here:

  • Contact request notifications: using this feature, you can accept/deny contact requests without even opening the application.
  • Tagging: you can see how other Truecaller users have tagged callers.
  • Offline Caller ID: any call will be able to be identified even when you are offline.
  • You can open social profiles in your device browser and this way you will not have to log in to your account inside the application.
  • Universal notifications will make sure that you don’t miss any notifications even when you are away from your phone because it syncs it with the PC.
  • The prefix and suffix feature make sure to allow you to improve your Caller ID by removing any extra numbers that your operator might add to an incoming call number.
  • Suggest Name: with this feature, you can suggest a better name for identified calls.

The app is free one of its downsides is the fact that it doesn’t work every time under lock screen and this means that you won’t always get the info that you need.

The recommended operating systems for this app include Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.

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2. NumBuster!

caller ID apps

This is another free app that performs any telephone number search and reverses phone lookup.

Check out its key features below:

  • Find out who is calling from an unknown and unfamiliar phone number.
  • Rate and leave comments about any phone numbers and SMS senders even if they are not in your phone book.
  • Search for information about unknown phone numbers from all over the world.
  • The app lets you create your very own profile in the community, and you can also set up its look and manage your contacts.
  • You will be able to find out who is calling you even if that particular number is not in your phonebook.
  • You can use the Search by number feature inside the app to find out the potential name, rank, and comments for any unknown number.
  • The app doesn’t include ads, and this is a very great thing.
  • Only the people whom you are calling will be able to see your phone number because your data will always be protected and this also includes your contact list and call log.
  • Nobody will be able to get your phone number by using a search by name.
  • For Call ID you will have to be connected to the Internet, and you should know that connection speed is essential for the normal operation of this application.
  • You can also see who is calling you from an unknown number even before you pick up.
  • You can block unwanted SMS and calls.

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3. CallClerk

caller ID apps

CallClerk app will automatically manage and log all of your calls just the way you want them to.

Here are the app’s most important features:

  • You can see a customizable caller id display window with the name, number, and picture of your caller.
  • It allows you to hear your computer announce the caller’s name.
  • The app offers a distinctive ring for each caller.
  • You will be able to pop up a Microsoft Outlook contact card and/or journal entry for your call.
  • You will get an e-mail, including the voice message or fax the caller has left.
  • Publish your directory and call history to your own password-protected web site.
  • Log your calls to your Windows event log.
  • The applications can automatically post to your Facebook page and it can also send a tweet to your Twitter account.
  • You will get report calls across all the computers on your network.
  • CallClerk offers users automatic caller ID blocking.

The app’s Block caller ID is based on the following:

  • invalid or suspicious caller ID names and numbers
  • your list of specific names and numbers to block
  • your blacklisted name and number patterns
  • free community feedback on thousands of nuisance callers

The app also includes the CallClerk answering machine which will offer you the following functionalities:

  • Plays a default greeting or one specific to the caller.
  • Lets you save your recorded messages to disk.
  • Automatically e-mail messages left on the answering machine.

The app also includes the CallClerk fax machine:

  • You can send, receive store, view, and print faxes.
  • You can automatically e-mail faxes when they are received.
  • The program can also record your phone conversations.

The app’s interface is straightforward, and there are tons of settings that allow you to tailor it to make it the best caller ID program for your particular needs.

The app works with all other PCs, laptops, and servers on your network so no matter which device you’re running, you will always know who is calling you.

4. Ascendis Caller ID 3

caller ID tools

This caller ID app works with your phone’s caller identification service to track down and announce phone calls.

Here are the most important features provided by this app:

  • You will not need to waste any more time talking to telemarketers because the app automatically hangs up on specific or unknown callers.
  • Stop rushing to the phone for unimportant phone calls as the app allows you to hear who is calling you before you answer the phone.
  • Stop worrying about whether you missed an important call because you can see who called while you were away or you can get notified of phone calls by email.
  • Monitor phone calls from work at home and vice-versa as well.
  • Stop wasting money on modems for every computer in your office or at home because you can now see who is calling from any computer or network as long as one computer has a modem.

System requirements for this application include the following:

  • Windows 10, Windows 8 (desktop), Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP
  • Dial-up telephone modem (not a DSL or cable modem) or a TAPI device with caller ID support or a Whozz Calling? A device or a CTI Comet device or Skype
  • Voice phone line (unless using Skype)
  • Caller ID service from your phone company (unless using Skype)
  • 300 MB disk space

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5. Caller ID Spoofer

caller ID tools

This is a different app compared to the ones that we have presented to you so far.

This is a simple, efficient, and practical app that has the primary purpose of spoofing your caller ID and disguising your phone number very quickly.

Check out the most important of its features and functionalities:

  • This useful utility lets you spoof your caller ID by connecting your device to
  • The main window of the app is pretty easy, and it allows you to specify the phone number that you want to call and also the caller ID that you want to be displayed.
  • You can also delay the current call and set the app to send you a message when the call is queued.
  • The user-friendly interface lets you enter any number you want to be displayed every time you want to call your friends for a prank.
  • You can also change between phone carriers.
  • This app comes in handy when you need to change the phone number that someone sees on their caller ID display when they get a call.

The app is pretty cool, but remember that you should only use it for pranks with your friends or colleagues.

6. Whitepages ID (now Hiya)

Caller ID Spoofer

In case you’ve grown sick and tired of receiving unknown calls from all kinds of spammers, it’s time you do something about it, and that’s why you should give Whitepages ID for Windows 10 Mobile a shot.

The app will help you identify callers who are not saved in your address book, and it will also help you never miss an important call from someone.

The application is powered by a database of hundreds of millions of valid phone numbers.

Take a look at its key features:

  • Caller ID: with this feature, your phone will only take calls from people you want to talk to; you can take calls from friends who are not in your phone book for instance, and with its help, you will never miss an important call.
  • Call Blocker: this feature detects blacklist spam, scams, and annoying telemarketers or political calls and it sends them straight to voicemail; it will stop calls and SMS messages to get your privacy back.
  • Scam and Spam Protection: the app alerts you automatically if an incoming call is from suspected spam; it will report scams, spam callers, and SMS spam and it will stop them from contacting you and other users in the Whitepages community in the future.
  • Phone Book Contact Photos: this feature allows you to see the latest profile photo, job title, and city info for your friends, family, co-workers, and also business associates from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • True Contacts: you can add names and addresses from the Whitepages directory to your phonebook contacts to keep them up to date and complete.
  • This app allows you to save money by reducing the number of minutes that unknown calls and text messages use up.

You can give this app a try now because this one is also free.

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7. Number Guru

Caller ID Spoofer

This is a reverse phone number search engine targeted at your Windows Phone. The manufacturer describes the app as the biggest, baddest, and most handsome caller ID and reverses phone service you’ve ever seen.

Take a look at the most important features that it sports:

  • It promises to cover about 100% of landlines and 50% of cell phones (excluding Verizon numbers).
  • The app covers a lot of territory by tapping into 334 area codes in the U.S. and U.S. territories.
  • It provides you the opportunity to reverse look up those mysterious numbers that keep calling you.
  • The app searches are also free and unlimited which is great.
  • You get the ability to add comments to the phone numbers and this way you can help other users identify the type of caller.
  • The app keeps a history of numbers that have been searched for, for a quick reference.
  • Its interface is independent of your Windows Phone, so you will have to enter the number manually.

All in all, the app is worth a try, especially since it’s free.

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This is where our list of caller ID apps for Windows stops. Now that you have got a few options to choose from and you got to know their most important features you can finally pick your favorite.

All these apps are definitely going to help you find out the real identity of the caller.

You can forget about getting irritated by all kinds of unwanted calls and messages because these apps will solve your problem for sure. You can trust every one of these apps to protect your privacy.

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Which called ID app works for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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