Print personalized checks with these check-printing software for Windows

Matthew Adams
by Matthew Adams
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Checks (otherwise cheques in the U.K.) might be getting a little outmoded, but they are still widely issued and remain a valid alternative to card or web transactions.

There are still plenty of check-printing applications designed primarily for business users.

Check-printing software enables users to set up, fill out and print their own custom checks. These are a few notable check-printing applications for Windows that you can print checks with.

Here the best check-printing software for Windows 10

1. PrintBoss

printboss check-printing software

PrintBoss is among the industry standard check-printing software for Windows that’s compatible with more than 40 accounting applications. There are four alternative PrintBoss packages for Sage, QuickBooks, Dynamics and other software. Those packages also have standard and enterprise editions that are retailing from $150 to $795, and you can try out a 30-day trial of the software.

PrintBoss enables its users to print checks from any number of bank accounts. It provides a variety of templates to print, or you can design your own checks in various formats that include logos, MICR lines, Void After statements, signatures and customized backgrounds.

The application enables its users to print both blank and pre-written checks. PrintBoss also has a checkbook register that maintains a record of printed checks and an account balance.

2. Checksoft

checksoft check printing software

Checksoft is a check-printing application for Windows 10, 8 and 7 that works with Quicken, QuickBooks and Bookkeeper bookkeeping software. The software has personal, business and premier versions that are retailing from $29.99 to $69.99. Checksoft Premier is the best version that includes additional billing tools and options.

Checksoft boasts more than 100 check templates to choose from. Or you can design your own checks with more than 1,000 background images and logos. This software has a Check Design Wizard so that you can quickly set up new checks to print. The application also includes numerous account management tools, such as its Reconciliation Wizard, custom reports and account register. Note that Checksoft only prints to its own check paper stock.

3. ezCheckPrinting

The ezCheckPrinting application is compatible with 32 and 64-bit Windows platforms from XP to 10 and Macs. The application is retailing at $39, which is great value for check-printing software. Furthermore, there’s also a freeware version of the software that adds a watermark to printed checks; but the trial package doesn’t expire. Press the Download Windows Version button on this website page to add ezCheckPrinting to Windows.

This software has most of the tools and options you’ll probably need for printing checks. It includes a WYSIWYG editor with which you can design customized checks that include logos, signatures, alternative fonts, custom stubs and additional text labels. EzCheckPrinting users can print checks with MICR encoding, pre-written checks and blank checks with empty fields. The software supports any number of accounts, and you can also print checks with check-on-top, in middle, at bottom and three per page formats.

4. Cheque Printing Software

Cheque Printing Software is an application with which you can create and print checks, import and export data, generate reports and set up backups. The software follows the CTS-2010 format for checks. This application is available at $70, and you add a 30-day trial to Windows by clicking Download Now on this website page.

This application enables its users to create checks by dragging and dropping objects into position. You can adjust check’s font styles, decimal separators and symbols. In addition, you can save a variety of check image formats to the software’s bank folder from this page. This software supports all printers and bulk printing for printing. You can also generate filtered reports with Cheque Printing Software.

5. AccelMax Cheque Writer

There aren’t that many freeware check-printing applications, but AccelMax Cheque Writer is one that’s freely available. This software keeps a record of issued checks with its log book and prints out various forms of checks. You can add the software to Windows by clicking Download AccelMax Cheque Writer on this web page. Note that you need to enter a password, provided on the software’s website, to extract the RAR archive.

AccelMax Cheque Writer users can set up their checks by scanning check paper or saving check images from websites. You can adjust the check layouts by dragging and dropping objects and fields and customize their font styles. In addition, you can set up invoices, account summaries and graphical reports with this software.

Those are five applications for Windows with which you can design, fill out and print checks. PrintBoss probably has more extensive check design and bookkeeping tools and options than the other selected software. However, ezCheckPrinting and Accelmax Cheque Writer offer better value.