6 best email list cleaning software [2022 Guide]

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  • Cleaning your email list is a reliable way to ensure nothing bad could ever happen to your data.
  • In this article, we’ll list some of the best email list cleaning software tools for you to try out.
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  • Check out some great deep clean hard drive software tools in the Optimization Hub.
Get the best email list cleaning software

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The most cost-effective way to reach a targeted audience is of course via email marketing. The more subscribers you have, the more advantages you will get from your list.

To be successful in email marketing, you really have to care about your list quality. This means that you have to check the email addresses for validity and remove bad emails.

This way, you will avoid sending emails to invalid addresses, you will protect your email server domain from getting blacklisted and you will able manage to increase your email campaign performance.

If you are wondering how you will get this done, the answer is simple: using email list cleaning software tools.

The market is full of all kinds of email list cleaning software, and that’s why you need to know how to pick the ones that will best serve your goals and interests.

We gathered six of the best email list cleaning programs for you to choose from.

Most of the services meet the standard email marketing solutions, but you should remember the fact that one provider may be different from another especially regarding their pricing plans and also their features.

What’s the best email list cleaning software to get?


enjoy ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce is an award-winning email list cleaning service that can be used to eliminate invalid addresses and to reduce the bounce rates considerably.

With its help, you will be able to achieve lots of benefits for your email marketing campaigns.

When you sign up, you will get a free account, and you will also be able to test for free 100 emails.

Zerobounce’s main features:

The service offers a vast range of great features that will make sure you will keep a strong email list of subscribers.

Email list cleaning: The service is able to detect all kinds of bad files including the invalid ones, the temporary and the undeliverable ones, junk, and non-existent emails as well. ZeroBounce provides a clean and neat email list that will boost your campaign.

Real-time API: There is a real-time API available to all customers, regardless of account type. This is perfect to catch erroneous entries directly on your landing page or web form.

Team Accounts: You can invite coworkers to all work within one account under the same credits.

Spam trap removal: Removing spam traps from your email list is essential in maintaining good list hygiene. 

Unlimited platform integration: This service offers support for integration with various platforms such as MailChimp, CloudFlare, Zoho, Magento.



You won't find a better email cleaning software than ZeroBounce. Ready to reduce the bounce rates?

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This email verification service provider offers list cleaning services and also free email marketing services.

The tool proved that it has more features than most vendors and it costs less than what other competitors have to offer.

The email list cleaning process is quite simple, and it will scan about 1 billion email addresses.

In 48 hours, a list of the invalid email addresses will be placed in your ReachMail Global Opt-Out list and you can download this whenever you want.

The greatest thing about this service is the fact that its plans are very affordable for small businesses as well.

If you get the free trial package, you can send 15,000 emails every month to 5,000 contacts from your list.

After the trial period is over, you only have to pay $10 every month for continuing to enjoy the service and its features.

You should know that the free account has almost all the features as the paid accounts except for the following ones: priority sending, Google Analytics, custom templates, and email previews.

ReachMail’s main features

The tool’s most important features include the following:

Free custom templates

All paid accounts will get a custom template for free to match one’s brand. This is an original feature that lacks from the service’s competitors.

Free accounts

The service offers you a free account where you can have up to 15,000 emails that are validated every month for free.

Integration on other platforms

Other platforms include APIs, autoresponders, social media sharing, and more.

Success percentage

This feature will enable you to know what is the success rate of your email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing and social media sharingThe service helps you launch your campaign on the spot, and you have the opportunity to share your email content on social media as well.

The service has the goal to offer users what most providers don’t offer.



Email cleaning, email relay and email marketing services, all in one place, for businesses of all sizes.

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enjoy MailGet

This software is one of the best ones when it comes to reliability. It cleans and also validates email lists for entrepreneurs.

MailGet is the best solution to email marketing that sends emails using the regular Amazon SES as an SMTP.

The program offers support for up to 5 more SMTPs such as Mailgun, Postmark, Mandrill, SendGrill, and Mailjet and it has plans for 10,000 and 6,000 emails per month.

The tool features a basic set up process, and it’s facilitated by detailed tutorials. Its interface is straightforward and intuitive.

You should know that Amazon SES is one of the cheapest and most reliable solutions for email marketing on the web.

Using it, you can send a minimum of 2,000 messages in just a single day for free, in case you use the Amazon SES from the Amazon EC2.

Once the 2,000 free message allowance is completed, all you have to do is to pay the rate of 0.10% for every 1,000 messages.

MailGet’s main features

The software’s most essential features that are highly appreciated by first-time users who are looking for email list cleaning service include the following:

Email list cleaning

The program will clean all inactive or bad emails off your list with the purpose of increasing your email marketing strategies.

This email cleaning service offers 99% deliverability, and high responses and subscriptions as well.

The software will also search for invalid, undeliverable, and duplicate email addresses that could affect your campaigns.

It detects and cleans disposable emails

The software will also identify all junk and temporary email addresses that are used during sign up.

Bounce file comparison

All email addresses will be compared against an email list of hard bounces and affected emails filtered out.

An editor tool using the drag and drop feature

This is a really essential element when it comes to sending cheap emails using Amazon SES. This tool is designed similarly to the MailLite, but it will turn out to work pretty well.

Even if it’s not extremely advanced, you will find out that it works better than most of the standard tools on the market.

Inbox preview

The tool will display you the preview of the newsletters that you plan on sending.

Segmentation of the subscriber list

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The program will make it possible for you to segment the subscriber lists, according to the bounces and clicks among other elements.

This feature is not very common among most email list cleaning software, so you come to will appreciate it.

Drip emails and autoresponders

This feature refers to the capability of adding several drip emails, and you will not find it in most tools. The implementation of the drip emails is clean and comfortable to use.

The tool also comes with Google Analytics, Wufoo, and Zapier integrations.

Download MailGet


enjoy ListWise

ListWise is one of the best email list cleaning services as well. The tool is developed and maintained by the same manager of Maxmail, CyberCom.

This tool offers a large number of services that any email marketer will find very useful, and these include removing duplicates, potential bounces, and cleaning lists.

This service offers lots of flexibility when it comes to choosing a pricing plan. You can get the prepaid plans or the monthly pricing plan.

Anyway, you will get a free trial before making your purchase, and it offers verification for 100 emails at no cost.

ListWise’s main features

The service’s features that are the most useful include the following:

Email validation

The tool lets you find the invalid email addresses from your list to boost your campaigns.

Email list cleaning

You can get all the bad emails from the list identified and then eliminated.

Bulk validation

In case you own a large list of subscribers’ emails the service will help you validate each and every one of them.

Worldwide check for bounceback

The tool uses a global network that will keep track of the messages that have previously bounced. This way it is able to predict whether, and email from your list will bounce or not.

No-reply and duplicate removal

You should know that the duplicate email addresses from your list will only add bulk. The tool will help you find and remove all duplicate and no-reply emails.

Auto typo fixing

The service automatically corrects any mistakes made when making the email lists.

Download ListWise

Experian Data Quality

enjoy Experian Data Quality

Experian Data quality is one of the few email list cleaning providers that features massive global coverage.

The service is operational in the US, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands, France, and Singapore.

Besides the fact that it has broad geographical coverage, the service also offers more than just email verification services.

It also provides data enrichment, data matching, phone verification, and address verification.

The service is probably the only email cleaning provider that comes with more features other than the traditional ones.

Experian Data Quality’s main features

The service will help you connect your subscribers with more efficiency via its offered features which include the following:

Address verification

This is quite a rare feature of the service which usually lacks in other email list cleaning providers.

With this address cleansing and verification app, you will be able to keep the address information of the subscribers updated.

This way, you will be able to reduce the costs of mailing and return packages.

Phone verification

This unique feature of the service is not offered by most providers. It helps you enhance the list of valuable phone contacts in order to facilitate mobile marketing through SMS and more mobile campaigns.

Email verification

This feature will help you maintain an accurate and valid email list, and it will also reduce bounce rates.

Data enrichment

This feature helps you gain a better understanding of your targeted customers to offer customized experiences.

Data matching

You can use this feature to find out the hidden links from the records of your customers and then you will be able to eliminate unneeded data and duplicates.

Download Experian Data Quality


enjoy EmailChecker

This is one of the most popular email list cleaning service from the email marketing business.

It’s also one of the most trusted email list cleaning service providers by the main brands on the web including eBay, Yellow Pages, and Microsoft Game Studios.

One of the best things about EmailChecker is the fact that the email verification API is able to perform real-time email validation for all types of business without you having to get another software.

EmailChecker features a very straightforward pricing plan. This is targeted at keeping the users’ email marketing campaign as affordable as possible.

You will be offered a free trial account that lasts for seven days when you sign up. After the free trial period is over, you have the opportunity to choose the paid plans subscriptions.

EmailChecker’s main features

EmailChecker focuses more on two primary services: email validation API and email list cleaning. These two services cover most of the features that are usually offered by other providers.

Email validation API

The tool allows the verification of your email lists in real-time, and the validation supports the following: registration process, website, e-commerce carts, app, and other platforms.

Email list cleaning

The service can help you identify the bad email addresses, the ones that cannot be delivered, the ones that are unknown, and the ones that are not functional anymore.

The tool is offered for both businesses and individuals. You will also get the opportunity to check your bulk email lists, and all you have to do is to select the level matching your needs.

Download EmailChecker

The email list cleaning service providers that we have mentioned above offer different features that make the difference between them and their competitors.

It will be up to you to make the best software choice to help you clean your email and get ready for successful email marketing campaigns.

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