How to connect your TV to Microsoft Surface 2 tablets

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How many times we’ve wanted to watch a movie on a bigger screen than the one we have on our tablet? Also, how many times we wanted to make a presentation for someone at work and the screen was too small for them to understand?

Well, with Windows RT we have the feature to connect a bigger tv or a projector directly to our tablet.

Everything we see on our tablet will also be showing on our tv or projector. This way we won’t have to worry about not being able to view our favorite movie or play our favorite game.
Connect Windows RT to tv
Connecting your Windows RT operating system to the tv is a relatively easy way to achieve, but first you will need a cable to connect to the tv.

Unfortunately, the wireless transmission isn’t available on Windows RT tablets but they implemented this on Surface 2 tablets in a newer edition.

The good thing about this is that the video adapters are relatively cheap. You can probably find them at any electronics store situated near you.

Nevertheless, Windows RT users did had some problems connecting to the tv in their homes. For this reason we will show you a quick tutorial below.

This will explain exactly how to connect Windows RT to the tv by cable or by wireless transmission on tablets with Surface 2 in a few easy steps.

Steps on how to connect the TV to Windows RT operating system

How to connect your Windows RT operating system by cable to a tv:

  1. First of all we need to figure out which cable to use. Usually most TVs have a HDMI port. In this case we need a HDMI cable (see lower right picture) with a Surface HD Digital AV Adapter (see lower left picture).Windows RT to tv Windows RT to tv
  2. Now connect the HDMI cable to the TV with HDMI port and the other end of the cable to the Surface HD Digital AV Adapter.
  3. Lets plug the Surface adapter to the HD video out port situated on the upper right side of the Surface Windows RT.
  4. Drag your mouse cursor to the lower right side of the Windows RT screen.
  5. Click (left click) on “Devices”.
  6. Click (left click) on “Project” in order to choose the options you want for your screens.
  7. You will have four options for your screen in “Project“.
  • Duplicate option : this will allow you to see on both screens
  • Extend option : this feature will allow you to see the desktop or a movie you are watching spread on both screens.
  • PC screen only : You can only see on your Surface Windows RT screen.
  • Second screen only : you are able to see only on the tv, your surface Windows RT screen will be blanked out.

Now depending on the features you want to have, you can choose one of the above mentioned.

How to connect your Windows RT Operating system via wireless connection:

Remember, this only works on Surface 2 Windows RT tablets.

  1. Drag your mouse cursor to the lower right side of the Windows RT screen
  2. Click (left click) on “Devices”
  3. Click (left click) on “Project” in order to choose the options you want for your screens.
  4. Click (left click) on “Add a wireless display“
  5. A list of wireless devices will appear on the screen.
  6. Choose the wireless device you recognize as your TV or monitor.

These are the two easy tutorials on how to connect your Windows RT with an outside TV. If you have any thoughts on this let us know below by writing us a few ideas.


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