Best software to create quizzes [2020 Guide]

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best software to make quizzes

Quiz makers help teachers to create assessments so as to check on their students’ performance faster, and easily.

Most, if not all, teachers lack time, so quiz makers let teachers create both the questions and answer sheets at the same time, taking the guesswork out of formatting, and reducing the risk of making any errors in testing.

Some are also built to develop online content, and can even grade the questions, while others generate printable versions of the tests themselves.

Your students will find these tests enjoyable, plus they give immediate feedback, which enhances the learning experience, and they save on paper while automating time-consuming processes and automatically aggregate data.

Read on as we round up some of the promising offerings in the quiz making field, and pick your best software to make quizzes for better knowledge assessment.

Use these tools to create quizzes on Windows 10


Easy Test Maker

best software to make quizzes

This is the best software to make quizzes when you want to make printable quizzes with easy and clear formatting. It creates tests and answer sheets with multiple choices, short answers, true/false, match columns, and fill in the blank kind of questions.

It has an easy interface with an all-inclusive sidebar, and the tests come with consistent formatting, plus you can save them for future access online.

The great thing with Easy Test Maker is the variety of question styles, saving tests online for remote access from anywhere, automatic numbering that adjusts according to questions when you delete or reorder them.

However, you cannot create online tests with this tool, plus there’s a limit of 25 tests with every teacher account, and the free version’s formatting is not as good too.

Other features include export to Word or PDF, spellchecker, bold/italicize/highlight for words, automatic generation of alternative test versions to reduce cheating, among others. with the paid for version, you can insert graphics, set time limits, print individual graded tests, and automatic grading for online tests.

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best software to make quizzes

This quiz maker offers a secure and professional online-based testing service that’s easy to use, customizable, and saves you hours of paperwork.

Some of the benefits you can gain from using ClassMarker include a secure and private platform, easy to define test settings, custom certificates and branding of exams, public and private options for exams, assistants to help manage your account, automatic grading that is viewable in real time, no software installations required, plus multiplatform use.

You can create tests, view results, analyze statistics, and deliver tests just the way you want it by using your own branding and customization, or themes each time.

ClassMarker integrates with your website, and you can optionally set a charge for your exams to sell quizzes online and get instant payments.

Other features include unlimited quizzes and questions, white labeling of exams, importation of questions and tests, online certifications, multilingual student interface, quiz maker Webhooks and API access, among many others.

The downside is the free version has ads, plus creating questions can be tedious. You also need internet access to create the tests and for students to take the tests. The free version also can’t save more than 100 results for group tests, plus it is limited to multiple choice, true/false, free test and grammar questions.

The premium version, however, provides certificates, email results, and you can upload/embed images or files.

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best software to make quizzes

This best software to make quizzes is perfect for education exams if you want to create secure exams that prevent cheating, add instructions, and schedule tests.

It is also perfect for employee assessments, online tests, personality quizzes, surveys and polls.

ProProfs lets you create and deliver online exams and tests easily, for students or even employees. Advanced options include free templates, data security, automated grading, and you can add surveys or polls and get feedback from your learners.

It delivers detailed reports and statistics for your quizzes so you can analyze the performance of your students.

Simply create a quiz (with over 6 types of questions), brand it with your logo/colors, and add videos or images and other media. Once done, you can share your quiz via social media, blogs, or embed on your website and share the link to the quiz, then analyze results by instant grading or getting statistics and reports.

It is free, simple, plus the quizzes can work across multiple devices and operating systems. It also comes with security and confidentiality with passwords, privacy controls and much more.

Some of its flaws include lots of ads on the site. However, the basic version has unlimited quizzes and attempts, add various media, and deliver reports and tracking. With the paid or Pro version, you can get 500MB storage and a question bank.

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best software to make quizzes

With this best software to make quizzes, you can create, discover, and even share online quizzes for free.

GoConqr has millions of learning resources that have been created by teachers across the world, so you can search for any subject you like and find quizzes at any level you want.

These tests also help students learn how to take the exam, whether its science, language or arts, there are quizzes on every topic you need, plus knowledge assessments can be included in the learning or study routine to monitor progress and improve teachers’ planning.

The quizzes can be embedded online and shared, which makes it perfect for teachers and their students. You can include one or more quizzes as part of a whole online course, share quizzes privately and securely with Smart Links to get results on a class progression.

The full suite of content creation tools include mind maps, flashcards, quizzes, notes, slides, study planner, library of resources, flowcharts, groups to exchange content and engage in discussion, and a course builder to curate resources in a course.

However, with GoConqr, users are limited to three subjects, uploaded resources are public, resources are crowdsourced, and it comes with many ads. The premium version has no ads, and lets you create private resources.

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Ready to create amazing quizzes with these best software? Let us know which one meets your needs by leaving a comment in the section below.

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This post was originally published in February 2018 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.