5 best survey software for academic research [2022 Guide]

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  • If you want to collect feedback from people to inform your research project, you definitely need the best survey software for academic research.
  • We provide you with an award-winning survey tool that uses artificial intelligence in the analysis of survey data.
  • Another great program reaches millions of respondents and delivers real-time results.
  • Below is also a web-based survey app that comes with several predefined templates and over 30 question types.
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Survey software is used to get feedback and responses from a specific or selected group of respondents, whether by individuals or companies, in a less expensive and easy to use platform. The main function, especially with academic research, is to collect comments, opinions or feedback from people, and from the data, the researcher can measure different factors and variables to inform his or her project.

There are dozens of reliable survey software for academic research, but finding the specific one to use may be an uphill task as you’d have to test run each to discover a suitable one.

Among the important things to consider is data management, distribution and formatting, ease of use, pricing, versatile appearance and branding, sophisticated analysis, accuracy of results, simple uploading, and a responsive experience.

We did the hard work for you to help with that dilemma by sharing our top 5 favorite survey software for academic research, while highlighting the key features and other important factors you need to consider when looking for a solid one.

Best survey software for academic research


survey software academic writing

Trusted by over 100 schools worldwide, this award-wining survey software for academic research is built to help researchers and scholars generate better results for better analysis and conclusions in their research projects.

It is the first software solution to use artificial intelligence in analyzing survey data, with intelligent and advanced features called Qualtrics IQ, and machine learning to make your sophisticated academic research simpler.

With a plethora of tools to create, test and modify your survey instantly, you can get your insights easily and as fast as possible, and in case of issues, their professional experts are available 24/7 via phone, email or chat to assist.

It is an intuitive survey software with bespoke solutions for multiple uses including research and development, segmentation, and strategy among others.

Whether you’re a beginner or expert, Qualtrics makes research simplified, using the Stats IQ that helps you decipher data, identify trends and derive predictive models, while guiding you towards the strongest statistical relationships and translating these in simple and actionable terms.

Its Text IQ capability gives actionable insights by using AI and natural language processing to analyze open texts then suggesting relevant topics with sentiment scores to each comment.

Qualtrics also has an information repository or IQ directory that stores all the data including emotions, sentiments, beliefs and preferences, for use in your academic research. Additionally, it supports multi-channel distribution whether that is email, SMS, mobile, social media or others, so you can embed your survey wherever you like or use QR codes to get people to take them.

Get Qualtrics



This survey software for academic research lets you launch any survey on its easy to use platform, which you can tailor surveys based on your audience and variables.

It reaches out to millions of respondents and delivers real time results, even with huge amount of data that is collected, analyzed, and reported using its tools. Additionally, the data and report analysis is easily exported in different formats and shared for collaborative purposes.

The great thing about SurveyMonkey is in its features, which include built-in configurable attributes that make the creation, collection and analyzing of data from many respondents so easy.

Some of the powerful features include a wide question bank with customizable questions, a reporting and analyzing tool, survey templates, security encrypted surveys, answer validation, custom branding, SPSS integration, real time results, and you can export results to Excel/PDF.

Design academic research surveys with confidence, reach the people that matter most via email/chat/mobile/web or social media, and maximize your data’s potential.

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This web-based survey software comes with multiple pre-built templates and over 30 types of questions which you can use to create personalized surveys and questionnaires for your academic research.

Among its features includes email, integrated pop-ups, and posting of your survey on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Each of the surveys you create in QuestionPro has a survey progress bar that lets your respondents know how much of the survey is left to complete (in percentage), plus you can ensure primary questions are answered by keeping some fields mandatory.

It also computes scores on how many questions got answered and presents the overall scores once it is completed. You can then export results into CSV, Excel, and other formats or share through the mobile app.

Other great features include the multimedia integration for customized surveys that contain videos, pictures, and emoticons that make the survey more interactive for your respondents, plus you have full control over the survey. It is also multilingual, with a full set of reporting features like text and trend analytics, segmentation and real time summary.

For academic research, you get unlimited access to the highest paid license if you’re a student in an academic institution.

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This is yet another online survey software for creating and conducting surveys to conduct academic researches.

It has a customizable interface that makes for an easy and interactive experience for your audience, convenience when conducting the actual surveys, and integration to social media and other digital platforms.

At the end of the survey, this software offers options to analyze the data via advanced reporting and data export features, to formats including PDF, PowerPoint, Excel and Word, after which you can share or distribute them for thorough analysis.

Among its best features is email distribution, mobile and embeddable survey, question library, skip logic, templates, kiosk survey, support for audio/image/video, custom survey URLs, and data analysis among many others.

Get SurveyGizmo


Technology has made everything easier in terms of making forms and surveys exciting and fun for people to fill and submit.

TypeForm is a survey software solution that has changed the conventional forms and surveys, using interactive mediums that make your respondents want to be part of the process.

Making a form in this tool is so easy, and its features include a drag and drop feature, flexible form creation, multiple question types and pictures, rating and opinion scales, user-friendly and interactive interface, a free API to integrate surveys and forms with other apps, and data export options.

A unique feature that makes this survey software powerful is the Logic Jumps, with which you can integrate your survey logic using Typeform tools. Your return rates will also increase and you’ll get more credible and reliable data for further processing and accuracy of results.

You can also make unlimited number of forms and/or surveys with its free account, and rest assured of security what with its 128-bit SSL encryption of forms and surveys.

Get TypeForm

These are some of the best survey tools that you can use for academic purposes. Install the one that best suits your needs.

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