Days of War is a fun WW2 shooter in need of some patching

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Days of War is a classic, fast-paced WW2 shooter that supports 32-player infantry combat taking place in various environments.

Unlike modern-day war games, Days of War forces players to fall back on their marksmanship, skill, map awareness and tactical cunning. You’ll have access to over 20 classic weapons, each with distinct strengths and weaknesses, which have been laser scanned to add more realism to the overall WW2 atmosphere.

There are nine classes that you can choose from, and you’ll need to thoroughly learn what each is capable of because in this team based game, it’s essential to know what your exact role is.

Days of War is still in Early Access and is still affected by many issues. We’re sure its developers will regularly roll out patches to fix the most common issues as quickly as possible.

Days of War reported bugs

Steam Overlay won’t work

When players want to open the Steam overlay in-game to check their friend’s list, all they see is the scoreboard.

I thought too, I restarted and it doesn’t make effect, on the game, this show the scoreboard only, for me the combo tab+alt don’t work
I tried on a other game after and it is working.

Days of War won’t open

Players report that when they hit the Play button, nothing happens. The game simply closes after a few seconds.

Days of War freezes

Other players report that the game freezes after a few rounds, forcing them to restart Windows.

i played 2-4 rounds but after a map change my game freezes and only a restart could make it . also in the task manager was nothing .. cant even click on it . only the windows keyboard key could help me …

Low-quality graphics

Gamers also report that Days of War suffers from terrible optimization on certain maps. Shadows and texture quality leave much to be desired.

I noticed massive performance hit when looking at smoke or walking into smoke etc Dropping effects to low boosted FPS didnt drop like before and I notice no change in quality.

These are the most common Days of War bugs reported by players. For more information about future updates, check out Days of War official Steam page.


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