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  • The December Patch Tuesday Updates are here, and with them the promise of improvements to the Windows OS.
  • 2020 has been a fruitful year for Microsoft, and below is a brief rundown of everything that occurred.
  • Patch Tuesday is a monthly event. Learn more about it from our Patch Tuesday Hub.
  • Visit our dedicated Windows 10 section if you want to learn about everything happening to your OS.

December is now here, and with it comes the last round of Patch Tuesday updates called the December Patch Tuesday updates.

As with all the other Patch Tuesday updates of previous months, these bring a host of changes, fix and improvements to all supported versions of the Windows OS.

A briefing of Patch Tuesday updates throughout 2020

2020 has brought many changes to the Microsoft Windows environment that have a long-lasting impact.

For example, January came with the end-of-service for Windows 7.

May came with the launch of the much awaited Windows 10 v2004 which brought a ton of new features for users.

June came with a host of fixes that helped those that had issues when trying to upgrade to Windows 10 v2004, something which was somewhat expected anyway.

October also came with the launch of Windows 10 v2009, a version to which some users still haven’t gotten the notification to update yet.

All other months in between came with the typical minor changes and much-awaited security updates that everyone needs to counter the ever-growing number of threats that appear.

Speaking of which, 2020 has beaten every record in terms of recorded CVEs, having surpassed the number of CVEs discovered in the entirety of 2019 all the way back in August.

All in all, there’s not news yet as to what The December Patch Tuesday updates might bring yet until the updates hit live later this day.

This will happen at around 10 AM PST, so make sure you are ready for when the update notifications hits your area.

Keep in mind that the Patch Tuesday updates are extremely important from a security standpoint, so if you aren’t employing the use of a third-party antivirus tool, you might as well update your PC every chance you get as soon as the update becomes available.

What are your expectations for the last round Patch Tuesday updates of the year? Let us know by leaving us your feedback in the comments section below.

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