Dishonored 2: Should you play as Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano?

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Dishonored 2 is a great stealth action-adventure game that allows fans to play as Emily Kaldwin or as Corvo Attano. For some gamers, choosing between the two is a tough call. They both have their own unique capabilities that offer players major advantages.

To make it easier for you to choose between Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano, we’re going to list the main qualities of the two. Depending on the gaming strategy you want to use and your gaming style, you’ll then be able to choose the character who represents you the best.

Corvo Attano’s abilities

Supernatural AbilityRunesMana Cost
Blink I020%Teleport forward and a shorter distance upward
Blink II320%Increased movement distance in all directions
Dark Vision I120%See living/dead/unconscious persons/animals, their sight cones, and Corvo’s sounds
Dark Vision II220%Also see resources (green) and machinery/traps (blue)
Devouring Swarm I340%Summon rats that attack others and eat corpses
Devouring Swarm II440%Rats attack and eat faster
Possession I360%Possess rats, fish and hounds
Possession II560%Also possess people (can’t make them attack or use powers)
Bend Time I260%Slow time for about 12 seconds, every attack is an instant kill
Bend Time II860%Freeze time (can pluck fired projectiles out of midair), slightly shorter duration than Tier I (about 8 seconds)
Windblast I350%Blast back groups of foes (non-lethal), break doors, blast bolts back at foes
Windblast II450%Kill foes if blown against solid objects
Vitality I1NoneMore health
Vitality II3NoneHealth regenerates more quickly
Blood Thirsty I2AdrenalineBrutal melee kill animations
Blood Thirsty II3AdrenalineKill multiple foes in melee, adrenaline build up quicker
Agility I2NoneHigher jumps and less damage from falls
Agility II3NoneFaster running, climbing, and swimming
Shadow Kill I2NoneUnaware foes turn to ash when killed
Shadow Kill II4NoneAll foes turn to ash when killed

For more information about Corvo Attano and his powers, check out the video below:

Emily Kaldwin’s abilities

  • Skilled swordsman and proficient marksman. Emily can efficiently wield Corvo’s sword and use a personal crossbow and pistol with great precision.
  • She has supernatural powers unique to her: Domino, Mesmerize, Shadow Walk, Far Reach, and more. By far, her most dangerous ability is the Shadow Walk. She can turn herself into a deadly, inky creature and then quickly return to her human form.
  • She is an excellent free runner.
  • She can easily scale high-rising structures.
  • Emily has also displayed an adeptness at swimming.
  • She is immune to almost all of Corvo’s gadgets and powers.

For more information about Emily Kaldwin and her powers, check out the video below:

Have you decided which of these two playable characters you’re going to choose?



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