Dishonored 2 uses Denuvo, gamers want to cancel their pre-orders

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Dishonored 2 is the long anticipated sequel of the highly praised stealth title Dishonored. The game’s fans have been waiting for the release of Dishonored 2 for a long time, and they finally got what they asked for.

However, there is something gamers didn’t anticipate, and that’s the fact that the game comes with Denuvo. This is a security enhancement meant to protect video games from being illegally copied and distributed in large numbers. Denuvo allows users to install a game only on a limited number of devices, making it unavailable for anyone trying to install a copy of that exact disc.

I buy Denuvo and other DRM games but only when they go on decent sale, i’m not gonna pay full price for a game i can’t own.

Dishonored 2 fans are upset because this means the game comes with certain restrictions that could limit the gaming experience. The community is still trying to find out whether Denuvo will limit the number of machines the game can be activated on to 5 per day or 5 in total. If it is 5 machines in total, it completely removes the playability of the game in the future.

The question is, if Denuvo goes bust or shuts down for w/e reason, what happens to their servers? Do the games become unplayable?

Some people on the Steam and Reddit have genuine concerns about what would happen if Denuvo went out of business. Many wonder if they could continue to play the games that are currently relying on Denuvo for startup.

Bethesda took the decision to introduce Denuvo support as a security measure against illegal distribution of the game. There really isn’t any way to go around it: Gamers who want to play Dishonored 2 will have to accept Denuvo as part of the deal or give up playing the game completely.


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I usually wait til a game is $15-20 if I really want to play it. Otherwise I’ll wait til it’s closer to $5-10. On CDkeys you can usually get newer games for around $32. But even that’s too much. Especially for what you actually get out of new games these days. 90% of the time there will be missing features, stability issues or even more often there isn’t any SLI/Crossfire support until 3+ months after release. I pretty much ignore new games these days until they’re patched and playable with reasonable performance and stability.

Sad thing is denuvo ruins offline not just offline the entire gaming universe. I bought more than 200 games on steam, 5 of them included denuvo and I’m upset about the offline mode. THANKS Bethesda! Denuvo makes my 10 thousand bucks stored wisely. 🙂
(Don’t buy this game 🙂

Don’t forget to upvote a couple of negative reviews for it on Steam’s store page and downvote some positive ones. 🙂

“I buy Denuvo and other DRM games but only when they go on decent sale, i’m not gonna pay full price for a game i can’t own.”

Personally, I wouldn’t even buy it at sale price either.

I only bought Arkham Knight when it went down to $4.50 on CDKeys (including the season pass). The game runs fine but if I thought the game would go down any more than that I would’ve just left it till then.

If enough people bought it at around $4.50 then yes, it would send the developers a strong message.

Unfortunately, a lot of people buy games when they’re still high enough in price to encourage developers to continue doing what they’re doing and put that vile DRM in our games.

You have to remember Arkham Knight probably went down to $4.50 so quickly because of all the issues with the PC version. Not all games go down to that price soon enough to spare you buying it at sub-par sales ($20+ for a $60 game).