Disney Plus streams no video only sound? Try this

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  • Disney Plus is one of the biggest streaming services in the world today
  • Unfortunately, their service isn't without flaws, such as common audio issues
  • Users reported that reinstalling the Disney Plus app fixed this issue immediately.
  • Alternatively, simply updating the Disney Plus app also seems to do the trick.
Disney Plus video issues

In case you found yourself wondering what to do when Disney Plus streams no video, be sure you found the perfect article.

Like most relatively new streaming apps, Disney Plus still has its share of secrets to be revealed and errors to be fixed.

If you are also troubled by this issue with the visuals of your Disney content while sound works, here are a couple of troubleshooting tips to help you resolve it. Read on to find out more details.

What can I do when Disney Plus streams no video only sound?

1.Reinstall the Disney Plus app 

As you probably know, if you want to watch Disney Plus from a PC, you have two choices:

If you chose the latter, know that the simplest way to fix most issues is to simply reinstall the app, since it doesn’t take too much time at all, and all you need is a few MB of Internet traffic.

Once you’ve reinstalled the app, you can finally view your favorite Disney movies and TV shows without any more audio issues.

Disney Plus

You can’t enjoy quality Disney Plus content without proper audio, so go ahead and reinstall the Disney Plus app!
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2. Downgrade the resolution and restart Fire Stick

how to restart FireStick

As many subscribers state, it seems that the Fire Stick auto preference for display preference (up to 4K) doesn’t match Disney’s preferences. The easiest solution, in this case, is to downgrade the resolution to 2160p at 60Hz. Then, a Fire Stick restart is needed.

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There is a nifty Restart option within the Settings that lets you complete the procedure. To access it, select Settings. Next, navigate to My Fire TV and click it. In this menu, you should find the option to Restart.

After confirming, your FireStick will begin to restart. The Powering Off message will immediately be displayed on the screen.

Amazon Fire Stick menu is not working? Don’t panic, this guide will help you get past this issue.

3. Switch from HDR to SDR

switch from HDR to SDR

Apple TV 4K is meant to let viewers enjoy the benefits of 4K HDR in the highest quality ever. Despite that, switching the resolution from 1080p HDR to 1080p SDR often solves the video issues you’re experiencing on Disney Plus.

4. Restart your device

how to restart your PC

If your video still isn’t working right or you want to make no quality compromises from the start, try switching off your device completely. Once it’s shut down safely, give it at least a 60 seconds pause, then switch it on again.

Frequently restarting your device is often the simplest way to fix Disney Plus issues like this and more.

Do you want to keep things simple when restarting your PC? Here are the best tools for you!

5. Use the latest software on your streaming device

streaming devices

Next on your troubleshooting list should be making sure your device is running the latest operating system. As a quick note, most 4K-capable televisions can connect to a Wi-Fi network to update the software.

For detailed instructions on how to update the software, check the built-in help for your television or the manufacturer’s website.

Things are no different for your computer. The best way to make sure that your PC is updated at all times is to enable Automatic Update.

The same goes for your tablet or smartphone. You need to check for updates, so go into your streaming device’s settings menu.

6. Get the latest version of the Disney Plus app

Disney Plus app

Finally, you could launch the App Store or Google Play Store on your streaming device and select the Updates tab.

If you’re using an iOS handset, updates can be found in your Apple ID Account tab, so get there by tapping your avatar in the upper right corner.

If you own a Revvl 4+ Android smartphone, you will have to remove the blue light filter from the display settings so that you can watch Disney +.

Despite these video hiccups, Disney constantly improves its servers to meet the demands of its subscribers. So, tap Update on the app if there is one.

That is what you can do to make video work again in Disney Plus. If you’re aware of other ways to solve this problem, share them in the comments section.

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