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Java is one of the most well known programming languages in the world. On September 21st, 2017 the newest update has been released as Java 9. The recently released Java Development kit (JDK) 9 is filled with new, innovative features such as new modular files, new optional link time phases, more tool options, JMOD format, compilation improvements, and much more.

In this article, you will learn both how to download Java 9 and learn about its important developer features.

Java Developer Kit 9 Features

It is well known that the key feature in the JDK 9 is the Java platform’s Module System. This modular system will significantly help make Java more scalable. This means that it will function better on smaller devices. There are seven other important major features, and we will talk about them below.

1. Reactive Streans

The reactive programming feature in Java 9 is a highly popular tool to develop applications. It has been improved greatly, as Akka, Play, and Scala frameworks have been included into the Reactive Streams.

Furthermore, the Reactive Streams in Java 9 are implementing parallel and scalable applications which makes the platform run easier on smaller computing devices.

2. API Improvements

The stream interface has been improved with four new methods that allows users to create stream sources from data collections. Users will have far greater versatility when they are configuring stream elements.

3. Private methods

Since Oracle, the brand behind Java, wants to avoid users generating redundant code, they have added the private methods feature which will create more re-usability.

4. Micro benchmarks

Java 9 has been utilizing the Java Benchmarking Harness to increase its development process. Therefore, optimizations and warm up times will be largely improved.

5. New HTTP Client

The new HTTP client in Java 9 will offer increased performance and support in both WebSocket handshake and HTTP/2.

6. JShell

Read-eval-print functionality will be available in Java 9, thanks to Jshell. This feature allows users to evaluate both expressions and statements with an API. This also means that other apps have access to these capabilities. 

7. Increased Security

Java 9 not only has stronger security, but it has implemented a new string scheme that will optimize security updates.


All in all, JDK will be easier to navigate, especially on smaller computing devices. There will be improved security features and increased overall performance. Users will find it a good deal easier to develop and build codes. Here is where you can download Java 9.



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