Download Windows 7 KB4074598, KB4074587 to fix browser crashes

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Windows 7 patch tuesday february 2018

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It’s Patch Tuesday, folks! If you haven’t updated your Windows 7 computers yet, it’s time to check for updates and install the latest patches available for the OS.

Windows 7 Monthly Roll-up KB4074598 and KB4074587 focus mainly on security, addressing a series of issues that could affect the following Microsoft components: Windows Graphics, Windows Kernel, Common Log File System driver, Microsoft Windows Search component, and Windows storage and file systems.

Monthly rollup KB4074598  also fixes some bugs that could cause input issues in Internet Explorer and prevent users from properly using their browser.

Also, if you often experience crashes on Internet Explorer, this update will fix them. Microsoft addressed a script-related issue that caused Internet Explorer to stop working. Thanks to this update, IE freezes and crashes should now be history.

Speaking of this browser, it is worth mentioning that Microsoft also fixed the issue with launching a new page in Internet Explorer. Sometimes, when users tried to launch a new page nothing happened or the respective page would quickly close.

Download KB4074598, KB4074587

You can automatically download and install Windows 7 KB4074598 and KB4074587 throughWindows Update.  You can also download the standalone package from the Microsoft Update Catalog website.

As a quick reminder, Microsoft warns Windows 7 users that these patches won’t install on computers on which the antivirus ISV have not updated the ALLOW REGKEY.

You should contact your antivirus manufacturer to verify that they set the following REGKEY: Key=”HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE”Subkey=”SOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionQualityCompat”Value Name=”cadca5fe-87d3-4b96-b7fb-a231484277cc”

KB4074598 issues

KB4074598 issues

Some users reported that KB4074598 fails to install due to error 80073701. However, it seems that this error is not related to the antivirus ALLOW REGKEY requirement that we mentioned above.

My computer is running Windows 7. Recently, I received a bunch of updates to Windows and Office which I have installed, except for KB4074598. Whenever I tried to install it, either automatically or manually, it returned error 80073701. I have tried to reset Windows Update components but it didn’t solve my problem.

If you’re also experiencing this error, try running the Windows Update Troubleshooter and then rename the SoftwareDistribution folder.

Go to Start, search for cmd and launch Command Prompt as administrator. Run the following command: Ren %systemroot%SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.bak

When this command completes, enter a new one: Ren %systemroot%system32catroot2 catroot2.bak
Restart your computer and check for Windows Updates again.

Have you installed KB4074598 and KB4074587 on your Windows 7 computer? Tell us more about your update experience in the comments below.



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