Where can I download Start Menu Troubleshooter from?

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download Start Menu Troubleshooter windows 10

Downloading the Start Menu troubleshooter is a quick way to fix system issues.

The Windows 10 Start Menu and Cortana are vital for easy system navigation. Therefore, it could be so frustrating when the Start Menu is not working immediately when prompted.

And in some cases, users might need to download the Start Menu troubleshooter to detect and fix Windows 10 Start Menu issues.

Start Menu issues are commonly experienced problems even from the launch of Windows 10. Cortana can wait but the Start Menu must be fixed now.

Let’s look at some frequent issues, and where to download the Start Menu troubleshooter from.

Where can I download Windows 10 Start Menu troubleshooter?

Finding the right download link for the Start Menu troubleshooter is not an easy task. There are plenty of link variations on the web, including on Microsoft’s forum, but most of them are dead links.

The Start Menu troubleshooter has been shut down by Microsoft so that explains why it’s so hard to find it nowadays.

So, if you want to download and install the Start Menu troubleshooter on your Windows 10 computer, here is a  safe download links that you can use:

You can now follow the on-screen instructions to install the tool.

start menu troubleshooter software

2. Before selecting the next button, if you want to check  the whole process before fixing system issues, click “Advanced” to uncheck “Apply Repairs automatically”.

start menu advanced check

3. But if wish to proceed without step two, then Select the Next button.

4. It will automatically start scanning your PC for any likely Start Menu issues.

scanning start menu problems

5. If any ‘Start Menu’ issue is discovered the report would be displayed for you to choose whether to fix it manually.

6. If there are no troubleshooting issues, the system will prompt a message stating, ‘Troubleshooting couldn’t identify the problem’.

7. Exit the troubleshooter or select ‘view detailed information’ to see the details of the scan.

Additionally, we’ll also list a few quick troubleshooting steps to fix general Start Menu issues.

How to fix Start Menu manually

  1. Open CMD command prompt to conduct System File Checker and type sfc /scannow  > hitEnter
  2. Restart the system once the scan is completed and confirm if there is an improvement.

In case you’re experiencing other Start Menu issues, you may want to bookmark the troubleshooting guides listed below: