Where can I download Windows Live Mail for Windows 10?

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  • If you're nostalgic, after upgrading to Windows 10 you can still use Windows Live Mail.
  • But some system changes are necessary, and we're showing you exactly what needs to be done.
  • We've extensively covered this topic in our Windows Live Mail area, so make sure to check it out.
  • And, in our separate Windows 10 Download Hub you'll find useful guides on getting software compatible with your OS.
Windows Live Mail download
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Before Microsoft introduced Outlook and Mail as a universal app, users were mainly using Windows Live Mail as their primary email client.

Some people still prefer using Live Mail 2012, before using the Mail universal app. But unfortunately, Live Mail was ceased at Windows 7, and it doesn’t come with Windows 10.

But even if it isn’t pre-installed in Windows 10, Windows Live Mail is still compatible with Microsoft’s newest operating system.

So, you can install it afterward, but you’ll have to do a few things more, to make Windows Live Mail work on Windows 10 without any problems.

How to Install Windows Live Mail on Windows 10

Get Windows Essentials

Windows Live Mail comes as a part of Windows Essentials, a package of Microsoft’s programs that debuted in Windows 7.

It consists of Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Windows Live Writer, OneDrive, and of course Windows Live Mail.install windows essentials to get live mail

To install Windows Live Mail (as a part of Windows Essentials), do the following:

  1. Download Windows Essentials from this third-party source.
  2. Run the installer
  3. When you run the installer, choose Windows Live Mail from the list of programs you want to install (of course, you can install other programs from the package, as well)
  4. Wait until the installation is finished

Until recently, just installing Windows Live Mail would be enough to run it normally on Windows 10, but that’s not the case anymore. Microsoft recently announced changes to its Outlook, Hotmail, Live and MSN services, and you need to install a certain update to keep it working.

So, after installing Windows Live Mail, just head to this page, download and uninstall the Update KB3093594, which will allow you to run Windows Live Mail on Windows 10.

Even though you’re able to run and use Windows Live Mail on Windows 10, we can’t tell how long will it last, because Microsoft encourages users to switch to the built-in universal Mail app, and it’s possible that the support for Windows Live Mail 2012 will eventually end.

Is Windows Live Mail not working in Windows 10? Fix it like a real technician with our guide!

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How do I switch from Windows Live Mail to Outlook?

If downloading a particular update (KB3093594) and setting up Windows Live Mail takes too much time, you can always switch to Outlook.

You can easily export all your Windows Live Mail data to your new Outlook account including your contacts, messages, and attachments.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to configure Windows Live Mail for Outlook on Windows 10.

What’s your favorite email client for Windows 10? Are you using Windows 10’s Mail app, or you’d like to go old school, and receive your emails on Windows Live Mail?

Tell us in the comments and also make sure to check out our list of the best email clients for your Windows PC.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Windows Live Mail 2012 is still available although it is not updated anymore. Luckily, you can use your messages in Windows 10 as well.

  • You can still use Windows Live Mail, but often with bugs since the app is no longer supported and updated.

  • Configuring Windows Live Mail is quite easy, and you can do it yourself following this easy guide.

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Before I move my Storage to another location, I need help to establish a reconnect between the Client – which works perfectly well – and the Storage folders, which don’t seem to correspond to the client.

1. The bulk of my stored email is in a folder tree sub-branch of ‘Recovered Items’ – but my WLM Client has no such folder as ‘Recovered Items’.
2. A top folder in my WLM Client is called ‘ByName’, but in the storage, ‘ByName’ folder has only a small number of (empty) folders, which get recreated if I delete them, and which get populated if I move emails into them in the Client.
3. ‘Received’ folder in storage is empty, but in my WLM Client it is well populated.
4. Outbox and Storage Folders have acquired ‘(1)’ after them – which keeps returning if I delete it.

As of 2017, Windows Essentials 2012, including Live Mail will no longer install on Windows 10 as M$ have stopped it.

Windows live mail allows some features the new one does not, like with 4 email accounts, you can specify which ones will download automatically. Also the contact email address list is on your computer, not off on some email server. That way you can be off like with POP3 accounts, and still read and reply emails, just go online to send and receive. But those contacts cannot be imported to the email in windows 10 because its all about cloud and sync multiple devices. They kill the simple off-line users needs, to accommodate “cloud based” everything.

I’m very unhappy with being forced off windows live mail. I’ve been on Windows 10 for a about 6 months and the basic desktop one doesn’t do a sort function but the web browser one doesn’t keep the old e-mails in the inbox, both of which I like to do for referring back to important conversations in my job. Plus, for some reason, my Outlook Mail cannot receive my other e-mail into it’s inbox… have had Telus and Microsoft both take up hours of my time, neither got it working. I currently am looking at my email accounts in separate browsers, neither of which support my need to access old e-mails and I’m losing the important log of e-mails that I used to have.

How do I expand the message space to allow for a longer email message directly on the email page?