[Fixed] eM Client emails keep disappearing

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  • Even if eM client packs a modern user interface, disappearing emails give you a hard time.
  • To fix this, you may use the context menu or try using the web version (temporary workaround).
  • On the other hand, Mailbird shines the most when you take advantage of its impeccable email management system.
  • Our experts have curated a list with our top picks, so take a closer look at this Email Clients Hub.
Fix eM client emails keep disappearing

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Email made easy & beautiful

eM Client is a popular email client, but users report that the Email section is often disappearing out of the blue. While this can seem like a major problem, rest assured that it is not.

In fact, you can easily restore all your emails by using this guide.

What to do if the Email section has disappeared in eM Client?

1. Use the context menu

how to use the context menu

  1. In the left pane, you should see a list of sections. Right-click any list item.
  2. From the context menu, be sure to check Mail.
  3. After doing that, the Mail section will appear in the left pane.

If the Email section is missing in eM Client, you can get it back in two clicks. You just need to complete the above procedure.

2. Try out a reliable email client

get Mailbird

Mailbird is a top email client for the Windows operating system that differentiates itself from eM client by focusing on usability and letting you truly manage multiple email accounts with ease.

Mailbird is an intuitive program that will show you how amazing is to have all your emails in one inbox, instead of two or even more.

It goes without saying that they will never disappear. On top of that, it works flawlessly even when it’s integrated with other applications and services.

This includes WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Calendar, and much more, since it is designed with simplicity in mind.



When most of your precious eM Client emails keep disappearing, Mailbird is a powerful alternative to enjoy.

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3. Reinstall eM Client

try to reinstall eM Client

Sometimes this problem can occur if there’s a glitch with your application, and to fix it, you need to reinstall it.

You can reinstall eM Client using several different methods, but the best way to do is by using uninstaller software such as Iobit Uninstaller Pro.

Once the application is removed, download the latest version and install it.

Download now IObit Uninstaller PRO free

4. Check if the issue appears in other email clients

Email has disappeared in other email clients

If Email is missing in eM Client, perhaps you should try using a different email client as a temporary workaround.

Confirm that this has worked for you or move on to the next tip that may help you out.

Looking for a good alternative to eM Client? You should definitely check one of these apps!

4. Try using the web version

UR browser em client email disappeared

The easiest workaround is to use the web version of your email service as a temporary workaround.

For this purpose, you can use any web browser, but if you want to make sure that you’re safe online, we suggest using UR Browser.

This browser is privacy-oriented, and it won’t send your data to Google or to third parties. In addition, it comes with tracking, malware, and phishing protection.

For an extra layer of security, there’s a VPN available as well.

If the Email section has disappeared in eM Client, you should be able to get it back using our solutions. Also, do note that they may be applied when dealing with these issues as well:

  • eM Client Exchange email disappearing – With eM Client, you are supposed to add as many accounts as you want without ever worrying about missing important Exchange emails. This clearly doesn’t happen, so you’d better reinstall the eM Client.
  • eM Client missing emails Gmail has them – Even if eM Client is a popular email client for Windows, it seems that it doesn’t always handle Gmail emails with care. Refer to the above procedures for quick solutions.

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