How to fix FFXIV error 2002 [Lobby server connection error]

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  • Final Fantasy XIV is an award-winning MMORPG set within the Final Fantasy universe.
  • The article below will be looking over several troubleshooting steps towards fixing the "The lobby server connection has encountered an error" Error 2002.
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As Final Fantasy XIV is a multiplayer RPG, an internet connection is essential for that game. However, FFXIV players can’t connect to that game’s lobby when error 2002 arises. The error 2002 message states:

 The lobby server connection has encountered an error.

Consequently, players can’t log in to and play FFXIV when error 2002 occurs.

This is how you can fix FFXIV error 2002

1. Restart the router

Try restarting (or resetting) your router first. Power off your router, and then unplug it. Wait a few minutes before plugging the router back in. Then turn on the router again.

A router ffxiv error 2002

2. Allow FFXIV through the firewall

Error 2002 is often due to firewalls blocking FFXIV’s internet connectivity.

  1. To check that FFXIV is allowed through Windows Defender Firewall, press the Windows key + S hotkey.
  2. Type firewall in your search box.
  3. Click Windows Defender Firewall in the search results to open that Control Panel applet.
    The Windows Defender Firewall applet ffxiv error 2002
  4. Click Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall to open the Allowed applications window.
  5. Click the Change settings button to adjust options.
    Allowed applications window ffxiv error 2002
  6. If FFXIV is not listed, click the Allow another app option.
    Add an app window ffxiv error 2002
  7. Then click Browse to select the FFXIV EXE file.
  8. Click the Open and Add buttons.
  9. Select both the Private and Public checkboxes for FFXIV.
  10. Press the OK button.

3. Turn off Windows Defender Firewall

Alternatively, you can turn off Windows Defender Firewall to ensure it isn’t blocking FFXIV.

  1. To do that, open the WDF Control Panel applet as outlined within the second resolution.
  2. Click Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off on the left of the WDF applet.
  3. Select the two Turn off Windows Defender Firewall options on the Customize Settings window.
    Customize Settings window ffxiv error 2002
  4. Select the OK option, and close the firewall applet.
  5. Try playing FFXIV with the firewall off.

4. Uninstall third-party antivirus software firewalls

The most surefire way to ensure a third-party antivirus firewall isn’t blocking FFXIV is to uninstall an installed antivirus utility.

  1. To do that, launch Run by pressing the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut.
  2. Type appwiz.cpl in Run and click OK to open Windows’ uninstaller.
  3. Select your third-party antivirus software.
  4. Click Uninstall and Yes to remove the antivirus utility.
  5. Restart Windows after uninstalling the antivirus software.

Before uninstalling a third-party antivirus utility, you can try disabling it via its context menu. Right-click its system try icon to open a context menu that will include options for the antivirus software.

Select to disable the antivirus software there until restart if you can. If that doesn’t resolve error 2002, however, uninstall the utility as outlined above.

Norton Security's context menu ffxiv error 2002

5. Uninstall the WTFast software

  1. Error 2002 can also be due to the WTFast internet utility. To uninstall that software, open the Programs and Features applet as outlined for resolution four.
    The uninstaller ffxiv error 2002
  2. Then right-click WTFast to select an Uninstall option for it.
  3. Click Yes to confirm and uninstall the software.
  4. Restart your desktop or laptop after uninstalling WTFast.

6. Connect to the Internet with Ethernet cable

Some users have also said they’ve fixed error 2002 by connecting to the Internet with cables. If your PC has an Ethernet port and cable for it, try connecting to Internet with that. Connect your router to PC with the Ethernet cable. Then try playing FFXIV.

Ethernet cable ffxiv error 2002

Those are some of the more likely fixes for FFXIV error 2002. However, error 2002 can sometimes be due to server maintenance. You can check for server maintenance announcements at the FFXIV forum.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • For a while now Final Fantasy XIV was made free-to-play up until level 35. If you use a VPN, you can also connect to any FF XIV server around the world.

  • No, in order to play Final Fantasy XIV you will need to register for a monthly subscription.

  • Despite not being the latest entry in the franchise anymore, Final Fantasy XIV is constantly updated with new content to its already massive world. Check out this guide if you encounter issues updating Final Fantasy XIV.

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