FIFA 21 is reported to be full of cheaters

by Teodor Nechita
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  • FIFA 21 is all about playing football, and you can't do that without going against opponents.
  • Unfortunately, many FIFA 21 players have been complaining about cheaters that dodge draft games.
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FIFA 21 draft cheaters
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Players have been complaining that just days before the official launch, FIFA 21 is still plagued by cheaters in the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team matches.

Draft is a mess on PC right now. Cheaters are booting me off and I’m getting a 0-0 loss everytime. Hope you guys acknowledge this issue.

Regardless of the outcome, the end result is pretty much the same, to the player’s dismay, and it is a problem that has been around for some years now already:

This is a problem in the game for at least 5 years. Don’t expect it to be fixed. Just pray that whenever you meet one of those hackers in Division Rivals or FUT Champions, they won’t grant you a loss, but a 0-0 draw.

Other than that, just don’t play draft. On PC, it is not possible.

As far as the community can tell, this isn’t the first time something similar has happened.

In fact, it seems to be an issue as old as time in FIFA games, and veteran players are almost contempt with the situation.

Cheaters have been around in gaming from the very beginning, but that shouldn’t prevent you from trying FIFA 21. Get it now and enjoy fame on the virtual stadiums in this world-renowned game!

What can be done regarding the FIFA 21 cheaters?

One piece of good news is that you get to see your opponent’s Origin IDs and team names during matchmaking.

This means that if you happen to have a video recording of the match or at least some screenshots, you could send them over to EA support.

However, players are rather skeptical about this purely theoretical solution, especially since it’s been with FIFA forever.

I hope they would improve the situation every game but they just ignore and it gets worse year after year.

Unfortunately, cheaters are not only responsible for ruining players’ draft stats.

They are also responsible for ruining the FIFA market since they buy all the best cards with their easy coins.

If you feel that you’re at a disadvantage in FIFA from a market point of view, read up on how to make more coins by carefully analyzing the player cards market.

Unfortunately, bad players aren’t the only ones ruining FIFA 21, since users have been met with lag issues.

Not only that, but an abundance of other bugs that have become a staple of FIFA games during launch are present in this year’s release as well.

Have you run into cheaters while playing FIFA 21? If you did, share with us how that ended for you by leaving us your story in the comments section below.

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