How to Access Firefox Task Manager

Open Firefox Task Manager using the address bar and not only

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  • Mozilla Firefox is a very popular web browser that is constantly updated.
  • On update brought the Process Manager, and we will be showing you how to access it.
  • Rest assured that opening it from the menu is extremely simple. 
Mozilla Firefox Process Manager
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Mozilla Firefox has been around for some time now and has eventually made its way into being one of the most popular web browsers on the market today.

This is mostly due to the fact that it is extremely modern, resource-efficient has extensive add-on support, and the fact that it is frequently updated by its developers.

Speaking of which, one update that Mozilla Firefox received included a new feature called the Process Manager.

The guide below will show you in a step-by-step manner what you need to do in order to access the Process Manager. More so, we will be providing you with some information about what does it.

What is Firefox Process Manager?

Firefox has a built-in process manager that lets users view overall memory and CPU usage by this web browser.

The usage details are available for any open and active tabs, extensions & add-ons, and some other services running on this browser.

Is the Firefox Process Manager reliable?

Yes. Firefox’s process manager is very much reliable. Even though you can view CPU, Memory, and Network usage details for any browser in Windows Task Manager or Mac’s Activity Monitor, these will not show you as many details as the built-in process manager of this browser.

In that sense, we can say that this process manager is reliable.

Quick Tip:

Opera One’s process manager or task manager is as reliable as Firefox’s. The difference is that Opera One uses the Chromium engine and has some additional controls.

Opera One reduces resources allocation due to it’s many built-in features, such as VPN, Ad Blocker, AI, social media and messaging apps.

Opera One

You can view what processes are active by using Opera’s internal task manager.
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How do I access Firefox Task Manager?

1. From the menu

1. Launch the Mozilla Firefox browser on your PC.

2. Click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner.

going more tools firefox menu

3. Select More Tools from the options.

4. Click on Task Manager.

opening task manager firefox via menu

5. You can now use Firefox Task Manager to check which processes are running, as well as how much memory and CPU they use.

example for firefox task manager processes

If you’re not sure what is affecting your computer’s performance, you can check the Firefox task manager. It can be easily accessed via Firefox’s built-in menu.

This method applies to the latest versions of Firefox. Older versions may have a slightly different option for accessing it, but it should be pretty similar.

2. Using the address bar

  1. Type the following address in Firefox’s address bar and press Enter: about:performance
  2. It will open the Task Manager.firefox task manager

This is the best shortcut way to open Firefox Task Manager.

Mozilla’s Process Manager vs. Task Manager

Firefox has another similar tool that can also show you CPU and memory usage details. That is Process Manager. It doesn’t only show the CPU and Memory usage for active tabs and extensions but also the GPU usage details.

Keep note that Mozilla Firefox Task Manager focuses on memory and energy usage of opened tabs and active add-ons.

However, Task Manager has even more differences if you compare it with the Process Manager. It shows only a few details.

The process manager shows resource usage details for any services the browser is using. That makes it a more appealing option.

If you want to open this tool, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Type the following address in the address bar and press Enter: about:processesfirefox process manager
  2. It will open the Firefox Process Manager, where you can view CPU, GPU, and Memory usage details.

Available with Mozilla Firefox version 78 and later, this feature is a welcome addition to a browser that is already at the top of the best browser list of many Windows 10/11 users.

Alternative browsers with similar tools to Firefox’s Task Manager

Another amazing web browser that has a similar feature is Opera GX, and this one is recommended to common users, not just devs.

This is all because Opera GX advertises itself as the world’s first web browser for gamers and thus comes with gam-boosting tools like a memory and RAM limiter via the GX Control Panel.

This way, you can enjoy running other programs in the foreground without having to worry that your browser is eating up all of your RAM, regardless of how many tabs are open.

More so, GX Control lets you monitor in great detail which process is taking up the most memory and which are the ones that take up most of the bandwidth.

Do you find Mozilla Firefox’s Process Manager useful? Let us know what you think about this feature by leaving us a message in the comments section below.

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