Experiencing Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 issues? Use this Steam thread to report bugs

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After a lot of anticipation, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is finally out. While users are generally satisfied, some are not so thrilled about the new release because it’s plagued with bugs.

We already told you about problems players were reporting on the Steam forums last week. And after more research, new issues and solutions were found. There’s a massive thread on Steam for reporting recently encountered bugs and issues in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. This thread collected all the complaints that have been reported so far and put them in one place.

At first look, the Steam thread contains a lot of issues. Some of the problems people have recently reported are:

“Inability to run game due to missing .dll files
Game Crashes & Freezes
Custom Controls Resetting to Default or Glitching
Achievements nonfunctional & Game failing to appear in profiles/activity/etc…
Map Glitches
Expert Mission Great Ape Glitches
Effects & Animation Glitches
Low Audio for Voices”

Even though the community managed to find the solution for some reported problems, the majority of issues still need to be resolved. So, if you know a solution for some of the above-mentioned problems, please share it with others — we’re sure your help would be appreciated.

Bandai Namco recently confirmed the first Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 patch. The patch will be released on November 1, and it should address at least some of these issues. Releasing a patch just a few days after the game’s release was a must for Bandai Namco because the game is clearly causing a lot of problems for players and no one wants another unstable and buggy major release.

Have you encountered problems while playing Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2? If the answer is yes, tell us in the comments below and report it on the Steam thread.


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Hi, I seem to have a problem where no matter how many times I complete a PQ, I never get the upper torso piece of clothing you’re supposed to get. I have a ton of lower body, hand, feet, and accessories for clothing but never get anything for the upper body. Am I doing something wrong or is it some sort of glitch? It’s really frustrating.

I beat the final fight with Mira twice now. The story mission icon will not go away and Goku is not appearing as a mentor? I play on Xbox 1

I got the day one dlc and entered the code but no matter what I do it won’t let me use the new cehicle or black has any one encounter this and know what I’m doing wrong

I’m playing in a PS4 and I haven’t had new items in the item store in WEEKS. Last time I had a new item in the store was the 2nd week after the game came out. I’m not able to get new attacks or costumes unless I unlock them in pq quest. What’s going on?

hi, Im using a GamePad on the PC, and before the patch from 24.11. came, I couldnt navigate upwards in menus etc. Now, that is fixed, but everytime you “load” a new scrren or open up a new menu, it constantly navigates down, and I cant controll it. So yeah, in every screen, character selection or menu, it goes down and down, and I have to unplug and plug it in again, and this sucks after every fkin screen xD

I have a Xbox1. I noticed that when I complete certain missions that mission clear time is always 0:00 regardless if it took me 3 minutes to over 10 mins. This is preventing me from getting a higher grade for both parallel and main quests.

I beat final boss Mira…. But heres my issue….. His super skills are OP… The peeler storm or whatever move that makes him dissappear and everyone on screen gets hit is stupid cause he can spam it. The recent Janemba raid boss had the skill and it was instant kill…. Nerf Final form Mira.

Have the PS4 version and bought all TP Medal Shop moves except for Final Explosion but my Skill List said I haven’t gotten The One Handed Kamehameha or Final Shine Attack! Did get the others though! Help!!

Playing on the Xbox1 and many times I find missions that almost immediately or after the first kill or two you can’t aquire any Targets! You either have to randomly throw attacks in the right direction or hope your team mates can finish the job. Very annoying and basically renders entire quest trees useless and road blocked. Hope a patch is coming soon, starting to regret purchase.

a friend of mine has the problem that the expert missions wont save when he plays co-op with me
and the game crashes after he has done a missions when he reconnect ist on steam and for some odd reason he cant get all the characters in the game

Hi I’m play it on steam and problems oh yeah the game crashes to much and not just the game but the game itself crashes my whole laptop above all when it works most of the training missions can’t be completed because the moves don’t connect 1000% of the time no matter how perfect out perform them so I am a big fan of DBZ and loved xenoverse one but this one is getting me angry to have my money back so please fix these multiple problems I’m also aware on steam discussions I’m not the only one experiencing these problems