How to fix a frozen touchpad in Windows 10

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  • A laptop's touchpad allows you to carry it with you without having to bring a bulky mouse as well, saving you space in certain situations.
  • Unfortunately, the touchpad is extremely sensitive and can free due to software and hardware issues, but the article below will show you what to do if that happens.
  • This particular guide is part of a much larger hub dedicated to Touchpad Issues, so check it out and maybe even bookmark it for future references.
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Upgrading from Windows 8 or any kind of previous version of Windows to Windows 10can be a very good thing as you can have access to all kinds of useful apps but as always you might have some incompatibilities and errors in the process.

If your laptop’s touchpad freezes after the upgrade to Windows 10, then this is the tutorial you should read.
Windows 8.1 TouchPad freezes
The touchpad could freeze in Windows 10 because you might not have the necessary driver installed to work properly or maybe that a driver compatible with Windows 10 for your touchpad is not yet available on the market.

Nevertheless, we will see a few rows below a few tips on what we can do to fix the touchpad if it freezes during your use of Windows 10 Operating System.

What can I do if my touchpad freezes in Windows 10?

1. Run the WIndows Troubleshooter

  1. Press and hold on the keyboard the buttons Windows and X .
  2. Click (left click) on Control Panel .
  3. Click (left click) on View By in the upper right corner of the window and then click(left click) on Large Icons .
  4. Click (left click) on troubleshooting .
  5. Click (left click) on View all icons on the left of the window.
  6. Now you only need to run the Hardware and devices troubleshooter and Windows 10 will find and fix any issues regarding your laptops devices.
  7. Reboot the Windows 10 PC and see if the touchpad works now.

2. Check for a compatible driver

For this, you will need to access the manufacturer’s website and look for a touchpad driver that is compatible with your Windows 10 system. Install the driver if you find it and reboot the Windows 10 device.

3. Use the driver that’s on the laptop’s CD, then upgrade it

  1. Next thing we will do is run a compatibility mode and set it as a Windows 7 driver.
  2. Click (right click) the drivers installation file and select from there Properties feature.
  3. In the Properties window click(left click) on the Compatibility tab presented in the upper side of the window.
  4. You will need to place a checkmark in the Run this program in compatibility mode feature.
  5. Click (left click) on the drop-down menu under Run this program in compatibility mode and click (left click) on Windows 7 or whichever Operating system you have the driver for.
  6. Click (left click) on OK in the lower side of the window.
  7. Now run the executable file of the driver and install it as you normally would.
  8. Reboot the Windows 10 PC.
  9. See if the touchpad freezes after the reboot.

How do I fix touchpad issues in Windows 10?

If you experience various touchpad issues on your Windows 10 laptop, this is quite easy to fix. You have to try multiple easy solutions that will fix this issue for sure. These would be:

  • Reinstall the touchpad driver
  • Install the latest drivers
  • Rollback to an older driver
  • Enable ELAN
  • Enable ETD service
  • Use the Hardware Troubleshooter
  • Set the touchpad to No Delay
  • Disconnect other USB devices
  • Change Power Management options
  • Run the SFC scan

If you already know how to perform these actions, you’re lucky. If you do not, you are also lucky as we have the step-by-step guide for each of these fixes to try in this dedicated article.

If you encounter problems with the functionality of your left or right touchpad clicks, we managed to write a great guide in order to fix this issue.

Above are the four options you have to take in order to fix your touchpad freezing issue on Windows 10, if we find out anything else on this subject we will let you know as soon as possible. Also for any thoughts on this issue please write us below in the comments section of the page.

FAQ: Learn more about touchpads

  • Can my touchpad freeze without being broken?

Yes. Some laptop devices have special key combinations that can lead to your touchpad getting blocked.

  • What can I do if my touchpad is physically damaged?

If your laptop’s warranty is void or expired, a much cheaper solution would be to simply use a mouse for moving the cursor.

  • Can I freeze or block my touchpad on purpose?

Yes, in order to prevent misclicks, most laptop manufacturers provide a button or a button combination that will block the use of your touchpad.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in July 2018 and has been since revamped and updated in March 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

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