Fix: Google Drive doesn’t show all files and folders

by Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
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Fix: Google Drive doesn't show all files and folders

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Cloud technology is the latest thing when it comes to storage since it is a cheap and accessible way of ensuring you have your data stored somewhere without filling up your own hard drives. Additionally, cloud storage makes it easier for users to share data.

One great example of a cloud storage service is Google Drive. This service is extremely reliable, and you can even use it for free up to a certain point.

However, cloud technology is still software and software can always fall prey to bugs.

For example, users have been reporting that Google Drive doesn’t show all files and folders:

I have Google Drive for PC on multiple computers. Within my Google Drive there are about 30 folders containing 10,000 files. On one computer it will sync up 15 folders and 6,000 files, on another it will sync up 29 folders and all files and on a third it will sync up 29 folders and 9,000 files. All Google Drives for PC on each computer is setup exactly the same way. This has become very frustrating and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Judging from the description, it seems that this is a simple case of files not syncing properly. Thankfully enough, there are plenty of fixes for Google Drive not syncing files, and we will list them in the article below.

How do I make all folders appear in Google Drive?

1. Pause and Resume Google Drive

  1. Press the Google Drive button on the Taskbar
  2. Select the 3-dots
  3. Choose Pause
  4. Wait a few seconds, then go back and press Resume

2. Restart Google Sync

  1. Press the Google Drive button on the Taskbar
  2. Exit it
  3. Relaunch it from the Start Menu

3. Run Google Backup App as Administrator

  1. Press Windows
  2. Right-click Google Drive and select to launch it with administrator rights

4. Resign in

If you have multiple users logged on the PC that use Google Drive, log each of them out until only you are left

5. View Un-synced Files Online

  1. Right-click the Google Drive icon in the Taskbar
  2. Select Visit Google Drive on the web

6. Make Sure All Folders are Checked to Sync

  1. Open the Google Drive menu from the taskbar
  2. Go to Preferences
  3. Make sure you have Sync everything in My Drive selected, and not Sync only these folderssync everything

7. Change Firewall Settings

Make sure your antivirus program allows Google Drive to communicate with the Internet, otherwise it won’t be able to sync your data. this process varies from antivirus to antivirus, so check out the developer’s website for more information on the matter.

If these solutions fail, you could always try the ones below:

  • Reboot machine
  • Reinstall Backup and Sync
  • Manually upload and download the data
  • Get more cloud Storage
  • Shorten file and folder name length
    • Only applies if the file’s name exceeds 255 characters

By following these steps, you should now be able to see all of your folders in Google Drive.

If you’re aware of another way to solve this problem, share it in the comments section below so that other users can try it, as well.