How to swap cells in Google Sheets [Two or more cells]

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  • Swapping multiple cells in columns and rows around is something a lot of Sheets users might often need to do.
  • This Google Sheets guide provides details for how users can swap column and row cells with a drag-and-drop method and the Power Tools add-on.
  • Our Teamwork Hub includes many more how-to guides for web apps.
  • Alternatively, check out the Google Sheets webpage to browse through other useful articles.
How to swap cells in Google Sheets
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Sheets is one of the foremost web apps for spreadsheets with which users can set up data tables.

Google Sheets users will sometimes need to swap multiple cells in rows and columns on their tables.

For example, a Sheets user might need to swamp all the cell values within column B with the numbers in column C. That user could fall back on copying and pasting column cell ranges with the Ctrl + C and Ctr + V hotkeys, but there are two better methods.

Read on to find out more.

How do I swap columns and rows in Google Sheets?

1. Drag-and-drop adjacent columns and rows to swap them

  1. Open a blank Google Sheets spreadsheet in your browser.
  2. Enter the values 55 and 125 in cells B2 and B3.
  3. Input the numbers 454 and 342 in cells C2 and C3 as shown directly below.
    Sheets spreadsheet How to swap cells in Google Sheets
  4. Left-click the top of column B. Then the cursor should turn into a hand.
  5. Press and hold the left mouse button to drag column B over column C.
  6. Then release the left mouse button. When you do that, you’ll have swamped the two columns’ cell values around as in the snapshot directly below.
    Swapped columns How to swap cells in Google Sheets
  7. You can swamp the cell contents of two adjacent rows in exactly the same way. Just double left-click a row number, hold the left mouse button, and drag it over another row to swamp it with.

2. Swap non-adjacent column and row cells with Power Tools

  1. To add the Power Tools add-on to Sheets, open the download page for it in a browser.
    Power Tools page How to swap cells in Google Sheets
  2. Press the Install button on that page.
  3. Select the Continue option to confirm.
  4. Select your Google account.
  5. Click the Allow option, and press the Done button.
  6. Open an empty spreadsheet in Sheets.
  7. Enter the dummy data 443 and 1233 in cells B2 and B3.
  8. Next, input the numbers 533 and 643 in cells D3 and D4 as in the shot directly below.
    Dummy data How to swap cells in Google Sheets
  9. Now click Add-ons > Power Tools to open the menu shown directly below.
    The Power Tools menu How to swap cells in Google Sheets
  10. Click Start to open the Power Tools sidebar.
    Power Tools sidebar How to swap cells in Google Sheets
  11. Then left-click the very top of column B to select it.
  12. Press and hold the Shift key and left-click column D. Then you’ll have selected both columns as in the image directly below.
    Selected columns How to swap cells in Google Sheets
  13. Click the More (…) button at the top right of Power Tools.
  14. Select the Flip adjacent cells, rows, and columns option.
    The Flip adjacent rows, cells, and columns option How to swap cells in Google Sheets
  15. Then select the Flip entire columns option to swap the cells in the non-adjacent columns around.
    Swapped column cells How to swap cells in Google Sheets
  16. Alternatively, select the Flip cells horizontally option to obtain the same result. That option is more flexible as you can swap a smaller range of selected cells in one column with those in another.
  17. To swap non-adjacent rows in a Sheets spreadsheet, select the rows to swamp around and click the Flip entire rows option in Power Tools. Or you could select the Flip entire rows option instead.

That’s how you can swap cells in rows and columns around in Sheets without copying and pasting. You can swap cells in columns and rows more quickly with the drag-and-drop method and Power Tools.

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