HP Envy Laptop Battery Not Charging After Windows 10 Installation

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One of the biggest problems that you can have with your laptop is not being able to recharge it, and this is one of the issues that users have reported after installing Windows 10 on HP Envy Laptop. According to them, battery isn’t charging after Windows 10 installation, but fortunately for you, today we have a few suggestions how to fix this problem.

hp envy battery not charging windows 10

Solve problems with HP laptop battery in Windows 10

Solution 1 – Uninstall and reinstall battery drivers

1. Press Windows key + X and click on Device Manager.
2. Expand Batteries and right click on Batteries ACPI and click on uninstall.
3. Restart your laptop and see if the issue persists.

Solution 2 – Update your device and Windows

Sometimes issues are caused by outdated driver or firmware, so check for updates via Windows Update and check for new drivers and firmware on HP’s website.

Solution 3 – Check your charger

If previous solutions were not helpful to you, maybe you have problems with your charger. Users have reported that leaning on their laptop while using it has managed to somewhat fix the problem. We don’t advise you to lean on your laptop every time you use it, but if you notice that your charger starts working when you lean on your laptop, you might have some charger issues.

Users have reported that sometimes the charging pin gets bent to one side and it’s no longer located in the center of the hole. You can check this by following these steps:

1. Unplug your adapter from power outlet. This is extremely important since you don’t want to keep your power adapter attached to power outlet while you’re messing with it, so please, for your safety unplug it before doing this.
2. After you’ve unplugged your adapter from power outlet check the other side that connects to your laptop to see if the charging pin is bent or not. You’ll probably need a flashlight to do so.
3. If it is, try to gently pry it and center it with something thin. Remember, if you’re not careful you can break your charging pin and ruin you power adapter.

If this sounds too complicated, or you just don’t want to accidentally destroy your charger you might want to try a different charger. Sometimes it can be a voltage issue, so if you can stop at your local Windows store and try connecting your device to one of the display chargers to see if anything happens.

Solution 4 – Check your battery

Last solution is to take your HP Envy to official repair center to see if there’s a hardware failure with your battery.

This has been a common issue with HP Envy devices and it’s not caused by Windows 10, but if you’re still concerned you can still downgrade and see if the problem persists. Users have reported this issue on variety of operating systems, so it’s most likely a hardware issue and not a software one. In most cases it’s a faulty charger, or sometimes a battery, so make sure that you check them first.

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