Recover all your Files Using iBoysoft Data Recovery Software

by Claudiu Andone
Claudiu Andone
Claudiu Andone
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  • If you accidentally deleted important files or your PC suffered some damage, iBoysoft Data Recovery will help you retrieve your data safely and quickly.
  • The tool is available for PC and Mac and can scan any internal or external drive for file recovery.
  • By using this software, you will be able to retrieve almost any file type, including documents, photos, or videos if the data was not overwritten.
Retrieve your data using iBoysoft Data Recovery Software

We’ve all had those unfortunate system or hardware failures that crippled our data but iBoysoft Data Recovery is there to help.

It doesn’t even need to be such a dreadful event. If you delete some important files by mistake and empty the Recycle Bin afterward and the data is gone.

So, unless the space allocated for those files was used for writing other data, your files can be recovered.

Nevertheless, if you’ve lost your data, you can still recover them by using the iBoysoft Data Recovery app for Windows.

How can iBoysoft Data Recovery help me recover my data?

As you guessed, iBoysoft Data Recovery is a smart tool that helps you retrieve data that was not overwritten.

It can rescue documents, photos, videos, and many other files safely, easily, and most importantly, quickly.

So whether you want to recover data from a PC, a troublesome HDD or SSD, an SD card, or a USB flash drive, this software will help you.

And the most important quality of iBoysoft Data Recovery is its friendly interface that accommodates both pros and inexperienced users alike.

What are iBoysoft Data Recovery’s best features?

1. 99% recovery success rate

This solution identifies, categorizes, and retrieves any data unless they have been overwritten.

As we’ve mentioned above, when you delete a file from a storage media, the data itself is only logically deleted.

But in fact, it is still there unless the system has used that particular space to write other information, or in case of bad sectors or malicious attacks damaging it.

iBoysoft Data Recovery can recover 99% of the lost data and it does it faster than other traditional tools.

2. Easy partition recovery

Losing a partition can be devastating and if you’ve wrongly used some partitioning tools, don’t panic yet.

This partition recovery software will scan the whole disk with pinpoint accuracy. Then, it will rebuild the correct and complete partition table and recover all data from missing, wiped, or damaged partitions.

iBoysoft Data Recovery supports GPT, MBR, primary, logical, extended, and PC partitions. That means you’re covered in any situation.

3. RAW Drive Recovery

The RAW Data Recovery feature is great if your partition has a RAW file system because the built-in CHKDSK tool in Windows can’t handle it.

iBoysoft Data Recovery will change any RAW drive into an NTFS, FAT32, or exFAT without any losses and recover the data from it.

4. BitLocker recovery

This professional Windows data recovery app does also a wonderful job in recovering files protected with BitLocker.

So, whether you’ve lost, deleted, or formatted the BitLocker partition iBoysoft Data Recovery will retrieve the files quickly.

Even if you’ve deleted a BitLocker partition or lost an encrypted one, this solution will restore all the data.

iBoysoft Data Recovery is free to download for Windows but if you want to recover some data, you will need a license key.

However, with the trial version, you will still get to scan your drive and see if the software can recover the lost data before buying the license.

Get iBoysoft Data Recovery

On a closing note, we point out the fact that this tool is extremely easy to install and use.

With just three clicks we started scanning our 240 GB drive and in only about five minutes it was over.

However, a deep scan requires a bit more time and patience to complete than our quick one. Even so, we found a lot of files we deleted by mistake a while ago without even realizing it.

To prevent further damage to your system and data, we recommend getting some useful maintenance software to keep your PC in shape.

If you’ve worked with iBoysoft Data Recovery software, share your experience in the comments section below.

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