Imperator: Rome may trigger all these bugs on your PC

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The grand strategy wargame formula is back in the mix, this time with Imperator: Rome. Brought to us by Paradox Interactive, the game serves as a sequel to the well-known Europa Universalis: Rome game.

In terms of timeline, the action is set between the foundation of the Roman Empire, till onset of the Diadochi Wars. The map is set in the Iberian peninsula, featuring more than 7000 cities, with this many terrain to go by, all nations present in the game are playable.

As we’re more and more familiar, no game launch can be deemed flawless. And Imperator:Rome is no exception to this. With unrest amonst the gaming legionaries on Steam threads, pointing out to game crashes, black screens, save issues, map problems and the game not synch-ing properly with Steam.

With all this being said and done, we’ve compiled a list of common bugs reported by users.

Common Imperator: Rome issues:

  1. Black screen
  2. Savegame problems
  3. Connection issues
  4. Game crashes
  5. Game freezing up
  6. Multiplayer problems
  7. No sound
  8. Endless validation

1. Black screen

Sometimes when you’re launching the game, the only thing you’ll see is a black screen.

I’m having an issue that whenever i launch this game, i get a black screen, cursor show that it’s loading, but if you click on it, it goes white, then pop up the not responding with the option to close or wait for it to respond.

2. Savegame problems

Numerous players have reported having troubled with saving their progress, requiring that they start a new game. With problems carrying over when they load a previously saved game.

So I have a problem, my savegame got somehow corrupted. When I want to load and continue playing (unpause) the game freezes. It doesn’t work with other savegasmes also

3. Connection issues

There have been reports of legionaries facing connectivity problems with their accounts. Mostly being related to their Steam accounts not synch-ing with their game.

I can login inside the game…but when I try to bind the account to Steam, I get a POP_error

4. Game crashing

Some people have experienced the game crashing at various points in the game, with no particular pattern.

The game keeps crashing at random intervals and I get a CrashReporter.exe – Application Error that says: The Application was unableto start correctly (0x000007b). The game usually crashes after a few minutes. Any known fixes for this?

5. Game freezing up

There are instances of players who weren’t able to play due to it freezing up, the occurrence taking place when they start playing the actual game.

My computers specs are perfectly fine and the game loads great all the way until I start to actually play. Within a couple of minutes of gameplay the entire thing just freezes. The audio is still in tact and makes noises when I hover the cursor over objects in the game, however visually everything just freezes

6. Multiplayer problems

Forming an alliance with a friend is part of the great aspects of the game. But when this isn’t possible, we’re bound to exile.

Almost every time when I want to load a MP game that i play with a friend, i get the message that the alliance is broken with him (When i’m in the server lobby!!!!). When i start the game i get the message a second time and the alliance is gone. I can form the alliance directly after that.

7. No sound

We all love to immerse ourselves in the world pictured in Imperator, but some users have reported the game having no sound whatsoever.

There is no sound at all. That can’t be right. Is it? Even in Settings, you can select ‘Audio’, but there is nothing in that selection. Any ideas??

8. Endless validation

It’s all fun and games when you get the game in your Steam library, but when the game is stuck in an andless validation loop, there’s no laughing matter here.

Downloaded the game late last night, opened it up and set all the settings to max graphics. Opened it this morning and said exe was invalid. I then validated the game, it said 1 file had issues and after validating would stop and then begin to validate again. It has been doing this for over 5 minutes; each loop is about 30 seconds.

How do you like the game so far? Do you rule your empire with iron fist or do you run vouch for peace? Let us know in the comment section down below.


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