Does Blocking Someone on Instagram Delete Messages? Find Out

What happens when you block someone on Instagram messages? Here's everything you need to know

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Key notes

  • We've all wondered at least once what happens when you block somebody on Instagram.
  • Does blocking someone on Instagram delete messages? What if you later unblock them, will the DMS still be there?
  • Find out all there is to know about photos, followers, tags, likes & more after hitting the infamous button.
What happens when you block someone on Instagram

What happens when you block someone on Instagram or Instagram messages? Does blocking someone on Instagram delete messages? You’re about to find out.

For sure, you know that the person you blocked can’t see your posts or follow you. However, what happens to your previous interaction? Do their likes and comments disappear? Can they contact you in any way? These are some of the questions you might have.

This article answers these questions and clarifies what happens after you block someone on Instagram.

If you block someone on Instagram can they still see DMS you’ve sent them?

📩 If you block someone on Instagram does it delete messages?


Instagram doesn’t delete the direct messages of users that you block. Although the messages stay intact, neither you nor the blocked user can send the other person messages.

So that’s that! When you unblock someone on Instagram do the messages come back?

If you unblock them later, you’ll be able to send each other messages. The messages you sent while blocked won’t be delivered to the other party.

Also, if both of you are participants in a group, you’d have to choose whether you want to leave the group or stay. If you opt for the latter, you and the user you blocked will see each other’s messages to the group.

Besides, the user you blocked can’t join a room that you create.

If you’re wondering what happens to your direct messages when you deactivate Instagram or when you block somebody, it is a tricky question.

Do messages get deleted when you block someone on Instagram? No, they don’t.

In fact, nothing happens to the direct messages you and the user exchanged before you blocked them. If you send someone a message on Instagram and block them, can they still read it?

Even if you deactivate your Instagram account, the messages will remain in their inbox. However, if you deactivate your account, no one (not only the blocked user) will be able to DM you.

You practically have no Instagram account, and so when anyone taps your name, they will arrive at a user not found page.

If you want to break communication with a user and also wish to deactivate your Instagram, then you don’t need to block them first. Simply deactivate your account.

👍 When you block someone on Instagram, do your likes disappear from their photos?


Technically, yes, your likes and comments on their content should disappear. However, if we’re talking about likes and comments on public posts or photos, then yours will still be visible to the blocked person as long as they follow those specific public accounts.

So, blocked users will view your comments and likes on the posts of other public accounts.

One more question remains: when you block someone on Instagram, what happens to their likes and comments on your content? These interactions will disappear permanently if they liked or commented on your posts.

If, for some reason, you want to delete someone’s likes from your content, simply block and unblock the user.

Instagram deletes the likes and comments of blocked users permanently. This means that even if you unblock them later, these interactions will not return.

🏷️ If you block someone on Instagram can they see your profile, mention or tag you?


Users that you block will no longer be able to mention you on posts. They also can’t tag you on posts that they publish on the platform.

If they attempt to tag or mention you on content, they won’t find your username.

If you’re blocking the user for safety reasons, you may also consider changing your username. This way, unless they find out your new username, the blocked user won’t be able to tag or mention you anywhere.

❓ Does blocking someone on Instagram remove them as a follower?


When you block a user, you stop following them and Instagram also deletes them from your follower list.

Before Instagram introduced the remove follower option, the only way to stop someone from following you was to block them (and unblock them after they’re gone).

Instagram’s blocking function is essential to stop stalkers and break contact with users. You now know what happens after you block someone on Instagram – the user loses all access to you.

The only way they can communicate with you is if both of you are in the same group.

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