Invisible block glitch in Minecraft [INSTANT FIX]

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Invisible block glitch in Minecraft

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A wide number of Minecraft player have reported encountering a glitch that makes blocks invisible. Whenever this happens, the game doesn’t allow the player to mine that block. This issue can be extremely annoying, especially if you need to mine a large area of blocks that turned into invisible blocks (ghost blocks).

Here is what one player had to say about this issue on Reddit:

Hey guys, over my long “career” of Minecraft I have stumbled across a glitch where mining blocks too fast someones leaves some blocks invisible unbroken and when I try to go trough them I just get stuck and to fix it I have to place blocks where I think it is to finally remove it. Gets really annoying when I have to clear a 50 x 50 area in a cave for whatever reasons or generally clearing in the Nether. Does anyone know if there is a fix for this?

For these reasons, in this article, we will explore some of the best suggestions made by users on the official forums. Even though this is not a permanent fix for this issue, it may help some of you.

How to get rid of invisible blocks in Minecraft?

1. Temporarily solve the issue by clicking your mouseminecraft scene - invisible block glitch minecraft

  1. This method is recommended only in the case that your problem area includes only a few blocks. In order to be able to clear ghost blocks, it is recommended that you right-click on each of them.
  2. If you have to mine a large area of blocks, then follow the 5th method presented in this article.

2. New block ‘trick’minecraft skyscraper resize - invisible block glitch minecraft

  1. Place another normal block inside of it. This method, of course, only applies if the area that you want to clear is pretty small. Otherwise, it would take a long time to achieve noticeable results.
  2. Even though this might seem too easy to be true, in the case of some users, this method helped, so it is worth a try.

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3. Modify your view distance in-game settingsminecraft pig - invisible block glitch minecraft

  1. In the case of some users, modifying the view distance setting allowed them to get rid of a considerable amount of ghost blocks easily.
  2. To do that, just open your options and change the view distance a bit and check if that solves the problem.

4. Reload all chunks using your keyboardminecraft image - invisible block glitch minecraft

  1. If you encounter invisible block, just press the keys F3+A on the keyboard.
  2. This reloaded all of the chunks, including the ones that went invisible because of the glitch.

5. Disconnect and reconnectminecraft character - invisible block glitch minecraft

  1. If all of the above-mentioned methods didn’t help you, you can try disconnecting from the server and reconnecting immediately after.
  2. This method seems to reset the entire range of ghost blocks, and it can be a good method in the case that you need to remove a great number of blocks.

Please let us know in the comment section below if this guide helped you solve the invisible block glitch in Minecraft.



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