KB4056892 bugs: Install fails, browser crashes, PC freezes, and more

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KB4056892 bugs

Microsoft recently pushed KB4056892 to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update users in order to patch the Meltdown and Spectre CPU vulnerabilities.

The Redmond giant confirmed that the update also brings issues of its own — three of them to be more precise. However, recent user reports confirmed that KB4056892 causes more problems than initially acknowledged by Microsoft.

So, the question is: will you still install KB4056892 and patch those CPU security vulnerabilities knowing that the update may break your PC?

If you haven’t installed the latest Windows 10 updates yet, continue reading this article to learn what are the most common KB4056892 issues reported by users. If you already installed the update, well, reading this article may make you fell a bit better knowing that you’re not the only experiencing these problems.

KB4056892 reported bugs

1. KB4056892 won’t install

Many users can’t install the update because the install process gets stuck, fails with error 0x800f0845 or the computer suddenly uninstalls the update.

Okay, been trying this on my Toshiba laptop for the past few days, keeps getting to 30%, restarts, locks at the blue Window icon, I have to force a restart, and then after forcing a second restart, it then diagnoses the problem, uninstalls the update, and then does nothing. Error code is 0x800f0845. […]  I have downloaded the manual install file, but it doesn’t appear to work either.

If you can’t install KB4056892 on your Windows 10 computer, the following troubleshooting guides may help you fix the problem:

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2. Browsers crash

Some users reported that the latest Windows 10 version 1709 update breaks browsers. More specifically, the browser window become white, it freezes for a few seconds and then the browser crashes completely returning to desktop.

After update KB4056892, this Chrome is crashed and auto quit, Firefox and Geforce Experience too, but gaming PUBG, BF1 and Overwatch are normal. How to fix it???

If you’re experiencing the same problem, the articles below may be of help:

3. Certain apps and programs fail to work

Windows 10 users also reported that certain programs stopped running after they installed KB4056892. These include: SlimWare DriverUpdate, ASUS AI Suite 3, EPLAN, etc.

These updates cause SlimWare DriverUpdate program to stop running. With the updates installed a BugSplat error report is generated and the program will no longer run. I uninstalled the updates and the program ran perfectly until the updates got reinstalled by windows automatic update process.

We don’t have a solution for these program failures, but we do have a suggestion on how to solve the ASUS AI Suite 3 issue. So, to fix ASUS AI Suite 3 issues on Windows 10, first download the latest AI Suite 3, right click the zip file and select “Properties”.

Select the “Unblock” check box and hit OK. Unzip the zip file and run AsusSetup.exe as Administrator. Keep in mind that your need to unblock the ZIP first before you extract the files. Reboot your computer and the AI Suite 3 should work smoothly now.

4. KB4056892 bricks or locks up computers

According to user reports, this update sometimes freezes computers. When users boot up or restart their machines, the Windows logo just sits on the screen and the boot up process stops.

Unfortunately, when I did a restart it bricked my system. I had a large windows logo on the screen and it just sat there. I rebooted and was able to trigger a repair. The repair said it was backing out the last update as it would not be completely installed.
With KB4056892 is Awaiting restart I did another restart and had the same problem. At the end I was staring at a Windows logo that just sat there. Again I triggered a repair and the system is now usable.

5. The app list is unavailable

If the list of apps is nowhere to be found in the Start menu, you’re not the only one experiencing this issue.

Just got the January 3, 2018 KB4056892 update, and now my start button will not show app list in start menu any longer. I’ve already checked Settings, Personalization, Start and set & reset the option to “Show app list in start menu” with no luck. How do I fix this?

For more information on how to troubleshoot this problem, go to Microsoft’s support page.

These are the most common KB4056892 issues reported by Windows 10 users. Did you encountered other bugs after installing the latest updates on your computer? Tell us more about your experience in the comments below.


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“the question is: will you still install KB4056892 and patch those CPU security vulnerabilities knowing that the update may break your PC?” The answer is “No”. But I can’t keep pain RESTART 10 hours, whenever restart!!!!! (mine: HP notebook P7F66PA, Window 10 home). None of steps from microsoft resolved and they suggested to take it to computer hardware. HP said nothing wrong with hardware.

I have built 16299.19 a windows update want install KB4056892 – 20 errors, I think, that this KB405….92 is for built 16299.192.

Seen the update cause Skype 4 Business and Foxit Phantom PDF and Foxit Reader to crash on opening. Uninstalled the update to keep staff working but I have heard Microsoft have pulled the update in order to fix these issues.

Maximus V Formula Z-77 chipset 3770K: Bought new years ago, ran flawless on 7 & 10. AI Suite II crashed with this damn 10 update. I removed all updates back into 2017, changed nothing. I’m doing a direct load of the Suite from the disc, Windows shuts down the install by prohibiting the install shield to load. @Microsoft: I have 6 fans wired to this board, without the Suite software, my 3770 will fry.

Yep, with my AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ from 2011 Windows do not boot with KB4056892. Had to revert it and disable (pause) Windows Update until fixed.

On my Intel system, the update broke the Windows crypto subsystem. Since the install, lsass.exe crashes every few seconds due to a malfunction in ncryptprov.dll. Programs trying to make SSL connections via Windows routines (e.g., Adobe Creative Cloud client, various downloaders, Microsoft Edge, and Windows Update itself!) report that no connection is possible.

Strangely, deinstalling the update does not help.

Found my Win 7 desktop locked up yesterday, took a couple hours to get it running, tried the update manually today, and it locked my machine up again, only a system restore fixes it. TURNED OFF UPDATES, thanks M$! AMD processor.

That update brick, wipe out and destroy the C drive partition of my Windows 10. I lost all of my data at point of no recovery (or at least not with success ). That update took more that 1 hour 50 min just to lost my important documents. Shame on you Microsoft! Is not intel issue that you can’t make updates that are first tested before realized!

For many years we have deployed ASUS AMD desktops because of the AI Suite features, however Microsoft has deployed KB4056892 which has broken AI Suite version 2.04.01, all motherboards are listed as current products yet ASUS have ignored all support requests for the last 3 days, sure they have responded to ROG boards but for enterprises and customers who chose non-ROG are being ignored. As for Microsoft they demonstrate that they can not deliver a compatible or stable operating system and have released this update with known issues.

I have a old emachines EL1331G desktop with an AMD processor that I recently upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10 and this is what happens:

While running, system locks up with Windows logo showing on black screen.

Pressing start/stop button causes reset with Windows logo showing again on black screen

Pressing start/stop button again causes reset with Windows 10 logo and messages indicating that the system is
updating. After five to 10 minutes, system starts operating normally. After about 30 minutes system locks up with Windows 10 logo showing again on black screen.

I’ve tried all the suggestions on the Internet to no avail and, to add insult to injury, I can not return to Win 7 which operated without any problems for nearly eight years. If Microsoft is trying to get everyone to upgrade to Win 10, this is not the way to do it!

Same issue with my AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ and Windows 10 x86. Need two force restarts to invoke Windows Repair. Microsoft are you OK?! Where are your engineers, where is your test team? These freeze boots issues have gained in recent months, when doing Windows Update! Your Windows Update fix one issue and broke ten other thing, what the fuck yo doing? I’m get scared when hear Windows Updates comes, because I know there is high risk your updates screw our systems. Shame to you!

My AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ based SFF desktop is having the frozen boot issue, upon restart after istalling the update. Have to force shutdown (10 second start button press). Upon restart, self repairs by going back to previous state with ‘We couldn’t complete the updates message’ error 0x800f0845. Four times now, as you can’t stop the auto install in Windoze 10 Home. Very frustrating. Quick fix please Microsoft – I don’t see computers tolerating this problem many times before a catastrophic failoure and all data lost.

Know someone where all machines using AMD CPUs in their office have this issue. They can’t restore or anything. All Intel CPU machines updated fine.

I have had GPU Tweak fail to load as well as AI Suite II. I uninstalled the update and it works perfectly. I tried reinstalling both programs with elevated permissions and they still failed to load.