Get KB4499178 and KB4499182 to fix May Patch Tuesday bugs

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Microsoft released the preview versions for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 PCs monthly roll-ups. The tech giant rolled out KB4499178 for systems running Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and Windows 7 SP1.

Moreover, Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1 are receiving KB4499182. The previews should be automatically available on your system.

Microsoft aims to fix some issues introduced by this month’s patch-day updates. However, you should not expect any security improvements.

We have examined the change logs of both updates. Let’s have a look at the major improvements and fixes included in KB4499178 and KB4499182.

KB4499178/KB4499182 major fixes and improvements

Japanese Short Date format bug fixed

Microsoft fixed a bug affecting the Japanese Short Date format. The bug was initially introduced by KB4469068 and triggered date separator settings issues. Thankfully, KB4499178 and KB4499182 fixed the problem.

Performance improvements

KB4499178 and KB4499182 improved the performance of string comparison functions.

Unreadable server name bug fix

Previously, the domain name system server had a bug in its event log that was triggering event 7600. Users reported an unreadable server name in the event due to this issue. Microsoft fixed the issue in KB4499178 and KB4499182.

Universal CRT apps bug fix

The tech giant also resolved an issue with UCRT applications in KB4499178 and KB4499182. These applications previously triggered the missing export message.

Morocco and Palestinian Authority Update

KB4499178 and KB4499182 updated the time zone information for Morocco and the Palestinian Authority. 

fmod () return issue resolved

Some previous releases introduced a rare bug in Windows 10 OS. There was a bug in the fmod () that was preventing the function from returning “-0”. The recent releases (KB4499178 and KB4499182) resolved the issue.

KB4499182 known issues

As far as the known issues are concerned, Microsoft acknowledged three bugs in KB4499182 update released for Windows 8.1.

Almost all of these issues existed in previous monthly releases. The tech giant is currently working to resolve these issues and an update is expected to be available in the upcoming releases.

However, the timeline is not defined yet. Most probably, the company will roll out the patches on June Patch Tuesday falling on June 11.



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