Best kinetic typography software [2021 Guide]

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  • Kinetic typography software is a useful tool for managers and creative agencies, so it assures you the attention of the audience
  • It is marvelous when you are able to create eye-catching and animated presentations for your advertising activity
  • This post will provide you with the best kinetic typography tools so find out their outstanding features
  • If you are attracted to discover how to create quality video, you can check our Video Editing Software hub
kinetic typography windows 10
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Kinetic typography can be found almost anywhere on the web. This handy way of presenting text is popular because it successfully catches your attention.

Videos that include kinetic typography can help you present complicated ideas with simplicity, create immersive commercials for your products, whiteboard explained videos, etc.

Are you looking for a way to create videos with animated texts easily?  Then, read on. In this article, we will explore some of the best options on the market that allow you to do just that.

Even more, the options presented in this list cover other features of video editing/creation that you might find useful.

Top software to create animated text videos

Adobe After Effects CC

Adobe After Effects

This motion graphics software from Adobe is a great tool that allows you to create kinetic typography. Adobe After Effects is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud pack.

Compared to the other options presented in this article, this software is more complex and requires you to have extensive training before diving in.

Fortunately, there are a lot of tutorials online that provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

If you are a beginner and want to learn how to use Adobe After Effects, you can find a wide range of specific topics on the Adobe official site.

You can also use this specific guide on how to create animated text in After Effects.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • Use keyboard shortcuts
  • Access to mask and shape points
  • Wide range of motion graphics
  • Data-driven animation tools — you can easily animate charts, graphs,etc.
  • Great range of optimization tools
  • Professional editing features
  • 3D pipeline with Cinema 4D Lite R19
  • Multiple effects
Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects

Take typography to the next level with the industry-standard motion graphics and visual effects software.
$20.99/mo Visit website

Download now Adobe After Effects CC

Check out these 5 best browser-based animation tools for Windows 10 PCs.

Adobe Animate CC

Adobe Animate_best game animation software

Animate CC is another great animation tool that is part of Adobe Creative Cloud. Compared to After Effects, this software is simpler, allowing you to experience a shorter learning curve.

You can find a wide range of tutorials regarding how to use Animate on the official Adobe site.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • Animate anything from cartoons and banner ads text
  • Compatible with any platform and any device
  • Quick sharing to social media
  • Simplified tool for rigging and modifying animated characters
Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate

Breathe life into your text with Animate powered effects.
$20.99/mo Visit website

Download now Adobe Animate CC


Animaker - kinetic typography

Animaker is a great web-based video creation tool that will give you all the features required to create a kinetic typography video.

This program has 8 visual tools, features that allow you to collaborate with your team easily, and a very encompassing animated library.

Animaker’s user interface was designed to offer you a simple and yet effective video editing experience, making it a viable option for beginners and experienced users alike.

You can easily create animated videos, video infographics, and a range of animated presentations as well.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • Animaker deck (includes record, multimove, curve features and more)
  • Text to speech converter
  • 50+ background music tracks
  • Direct voice recording
  • Create Full HD videos and export them easily
  • Wide range of animations and transitions
  • Customizable templates
  • Social sharing


Animate your typography and create stunning visual effects with Animaker!



Biteable is an intuitive, online video editor that is perfect for quick editing and animating text, characters, and pretty much anything you want.

The tool is flexible and easy to use offering a generous collection of premade templates to get you started. Plus, it is completely free.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:

  • Impressive library (over 800.000 stock footage clips and stunning animations)
  • Add special effects and animation to your clips
  • The extensive brand colors palette
  • Sharing and download options to keep your content forever

Get Biteable now

Kinetic Typography Maker – Renderforest

renderforest animation software screenshot

This web-based platform is a very powerful and simple to use tool that can be used to create kinetic typography videos.

The Kinetic Typography Maker from Renderforest can be used by beginners and experienced users alike. It is absolutely free.

Let’s quickly look at its key features:


In this article, we explored some of the best software options that allow you to create animated text videos.

The options covered in this list give you the opportunity to choose the best option for your needs, depending on your skills.

We would love to find out what you chose from this list, so don’t be shy to let us know in the comments section below.

FAQ: Learn more about Kinetic Typography Software

  • What is typography in graphic design?

Typography can be defined as the procedure of creating designs for letters and typeface. It is an artistic process where design elements are applied to the writing.

  • What are the four types of fonts?

There are more types of fonts in Windows (Arial, Georgia, Verdana, etc.), and you can even install and manage other fonts in Windows 10.

  • What is good typography?

Good typography represents the value of the text and message, so it has the ability to emphasize the correct meaning of the text’s idea.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in November 2018 and has been since updated for freshness, and accuracy.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published in December 2018 and was revamped and updated in October 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.