5 best malware tracker maps to see security attacks happen in real-time

by Madalina Dinita
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The Internet used to be a safe place when it was first launched. Fast forward 30 years later to present day, the situation has dramatically changed. To put is plain and simple: malware is everywhere.

Antivirus and antimalware solutions are now compulsory in order to avoid getting your computer infected with malicious code. Unfortunately, the number of malware attacks have intensified lately, affecting users worldwide. The WannaCry, Petya and GoldenEye ransomware are only three of the most infamous ransomware attacks that made hundreds of thousands of victims in recent months.

If you want to keep up to date with the latest malware attacks, you can use dedicated malware tracker maps. These tools rely on massive threat intelligence networks to depict malware attacks in real time, including information about the malware type, origin of the attack and its victims.

Cyber threat real time maps

Norse Corp malware map

Norse Corp is the world’s largest threat intelligence network, relying on over eight million sensors to collect data. Its malware tracker map helps you stay informed, offering you real-time visibility into global cyber attacks.

The Norse online malware map allows you to filter the results by geolocalisation and protocols. You can track malware attacks from a specific region of the globe, or watch attacks unfolding all over the planet.

You’d never guess the scale of active malware attacks until you’ve analyzed a real-time malware tracking map. There are literally tens of thousands of attacks taking place every second.

You can check out the live Norse Corp malware tracking map here.

Kaspersky cyberthreat real-time map

Kaspersky Lab, one of world’s leading antivirus providers, also offers users a real-time malware map. Kaspersky’s map features an interactive Earth globe that allows you select a specific country and see detailed information about the number of ongoing malware attacks. The tool also offers statistics about the frequency of attacks for that country.

If you’re looking for a more general perspective on the ongoing malware attacks, you can click outside the globe to watch all the attacks unfold.

Kaspersky’s malware map also feature a buzz section, where you can find out more information about the most severe malware attacks that took place recently. You can also add the map to your website via the dedicated widget.

You can check out Kaspersky cyberthreat real-time map here.

FireEye Cyber Threat Map

FireEye’s cyber threat map offers users a general view on the most severe malware attacks taking place at a given moment. The company also provides visitors with statistics about the top target countries over the last 30 days, the top 5 reported industries, as well as the number of attacks reported on a given day.

You can check out FireEye’s real-time cyber threat map here.

CheckPoint’s live cyber attack map

CheckPoint’s real-time cyber threat map lists the malware attacks detected at a given moment, including information about the attack type, the attacking country and the target country.

In the upper left-hand pane, you can see statistics about the number of attacks reported on the current day and the day before, top target countries and top attacking countries.

You can check out CheckPoint’s cyber threat map here.

Fortinet cyber attack map

Fortinet’s malware attack map is an interactive tool that offers you both general and country-specific information. The map shows animated ongoing attacks, as well as information about the type and severity of the attacks.

To view specific statistics about the incoming and outgoing attacks for a particular country, simply select that country on the map and click on the details bar.

You can check out Fortinet’s cyber threat map here.

The malware attack maps listed above offer you real-time information about ongoing cyber attacks. However, they do not protect you from malware. Since prevention is better than cure, check out the articles below for more information on how to stay safe online:

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