Mass Effect Andromeda Patch 1.05 problems: Crashes, black screen, and more

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Mass Effect: Andromeda didn’t live to its expectations — that’s a fact. To try making things better, Bioware quickly released patch 1.05 for the game that includes a handful of bug fixes and improvements.

However, as it appears, the new patch causes even more problems to players who install it. We’ve wandered the internet looking for potential feedback on the patch and we’ve found  that players aren’t so thrilled about it, with various forums flooded with reports about problems caused by it.

In case you haven’t installed the new patch yet, keep reading this article to know what to expect from it.

Mass Effect: Andromeda patch 1.05 issues

Game unable to launch

A few players have reported they’re unable to even launch the game after installing the patch. Here’s what one player said on the Bioware forums:

“Myself and a few others on Reddit seem to be having a catastrophic issue since the patch. After the patch installs the game won’t launch, the executable loads to memory using 59Mb of RAM and then just sits idle (waited 10+ minutes and it refuses to load, despite the fact the .exe is running). Using Repair game didn’t fix it, reboot, etc doesn’t fix it.
 Game was loading fine yesterday and this morning before I installed the patch.”

Loading problems

Some of the players who managed to launch the game haven’t got too far. Namely, there are a couple of players who complain about long loading time after installing the patch. Additionally, the game even crashes on loading for some players. Here’s what they say:

“Very long loading times that could sometimes take up to 5 minutes to load. Occurs often 50% – 99% of the time.”

“The main game works fine but when I try to load into multiplayer, a loading screen comes up and when the bar gets to the end the screen goes black the it goes back to the desktop.  I have tried different graphic settings ex: turning it to window mode, taking the default graphics to medium.  I have also logged off of the companion app.  I had no problems playing multiplayer on 3/21, but now on 3/27 I am having problems.”

Black screen problems

It looks like some people just can’t play the game after the latest patch. One player have recently reported black screen problems, and according to him, there’s no known solution:

“Screenshot attached. This has been happening ever since patch 1.05 was rolled out. I’ve tried a number of fixes (rolling back the gpu driver, setting origin to offline mode and turning overlay off, moving my saves and preferences files from Documents/Bioware/Mass Effect Andromeda, repairing the game through Origin) but none of it has worked. “

Other problems

Here are some additional problems that also bother players who installed the new patch for Mass Effect: Andromeda:

  • Since the new 1.05 patch, it frequently occurs when I leave a battle (or just simply pass by enemies in the nomad) the battle music doesn’t stop playing even when there are no red dots on the hud. Even after saving and reloading, the music can still be playing. At some point (which I can’t determine), it fixes itself or going to the main menu fixes it too.
  • Dialog options seem to be broken for Jaal and Peebee.
  • Dialog wheel does not appear, when trying to skip via spacebar the context info appears in the lower right corner but nothing seems to happen. 
  • It actually takes some time until the dialog options appear (up to 15 minutes – tried with Peebee, but no Audio is playing even as the characters lips are moving).
  • After getting out of such a broken conversation, the game is broken itself:
  • doors are no longer responding – when having the issue with the Peebee-conversation, that actually traps me on the bridge of the Tempest as no other door will react anymore,
  • when trying to get off the ship by landing somewhere the following loading screen seems to take forever (lost my patience after 30 mins to wait any longer to see if it clears on its own)
  • when trying to launch another conversation with Suvie or Kallo on the bridge the game freezes up completely – Screen freezes, when switching to Windows Desktop (Alt+TAB) the game screen goes black with just the two loading circles in the lower right corner cycling around like forever.
  • Game has to be relaunched completely to continue in any way.
  • I recognised that during such a broken conversation the RAM-Usage of the game’s executeable is going through the roof.
  • in case of the PeeBee-conversation the RAM-usage shot from 1.7 GBs up to 7.9 GBs
  • in case of the Jaal-conversation it shot from 1.2 GBs up to 4.9 Gbs until the conversation was finished – finished means just quiting it without triggering any more content (the game was freshly started during that test).
  • Looks like some sort of memory leak that causes the delays itself and is not cleared after that, so the whole game has issues with the vast amount of carried over memory usage after that.
  • tried the repair option from the Origin menu – did not help
  • reinstalled the whole game, did not help.
  • Along with this, a second issue came up, that returning to Windows and still running the Game in the backround tiggers some odd window-behavior from the game:
  • game does no longer minimize correctly but switches to Window-Mode (this is big time * for the video card as it changes resolution of the 3D-rendering and everything during that)  
  • the game window locks in Overlay Modus and catches the mousepointer whenever its hovering over the game window (if the game is not within a Mouse-active-Screen, there is no way of getting the pointer back to your Windows Desktop except by returning to the game and Alt-TAB back out again).
  • if you manage to hit the minimize button of the game window it will go to the taskbar, but any other action on the desktop (even just left clicking onto an empty spot) will bring the game window back. So you can’t even double-click an Icon which is in the area where the game window is locked as the second click will already be on the game window again, which will trap your mousepointer in it, as described before.
  • when returning to the game, the game changes to full-window-mode changing the 3d-resolution again and you have to Alt+Enter to get back to Full-Screen-Mode (which is a third rescaling of the 3d-render)

As you can see, the game is plagued with various bugs and problems so you might want to think twice before installing the new patch.

In case you’ve encountered a problem we didn’t list in this article, feel free to let us know in the comments below.


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Avatar Jolee Reece

yes! I didn’t really have any issues prior to the I have tons!!

Avatar Kamil Demočko

This is ridiculous, EVERY single day at least one crash, and in this last wave! Makes me mad

Avatar Memnoch

All of a sudden when driving to a mission the nomad just explodes and it says mission failure. I’ve tried walking and the next thing I know I’m floating through the air with no control. I can’t seem to do any missions even on different planets

Avatar Jovianstone

Sounds like you caught a bug possibly from the mission where you follow Spender on Kadara. Just a guess though. If I were you I would reload a save from before that mission, if you have one.

Avatar gs12

The patch has created crash issues on the xbox one that didn’t exist before. Also the spawning of enemies inside objects is rampant.

Avatar Neff

for the black screen – i have that issue with 17.4.1 drivers from AMD. You have to uninstall the drivers via DDU utility, then reboot, and reinstall 17.3.3 . You will have crap performance, but at least running game… in 1.04 i had smooth 4k game running 30+fps at high/ultra . Now i have 15-20fps with stuttering in medium/high . Great job! please origin, f**ck the game more! [AMD radeon pro duo] – im wondering about downloading cracked 1.04 to get back to fine gaming experience.

And one more thing. Dont try to call/chat with the donuts on the help line. They are from india (really) and they will not help you. Just tell you to reinstall whole 45G game… seems like universal magic solution! That does not work…

Avatar Clayton ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

The people who can’t start the EXE anymore is because of the DRM included. For some reason the patch decided that some people who already had a DRM generated ID needed a new one. In which case the game will no longer run as it’s not using the correct paths attached to your account for the stupid wasteful DRM they chose to include (Which was cracked in 6 days, I might add. Gears still isn’t cracked lol. If you’re gonna use DRM use useful DRM.)

Avatar Jrock

On xb1 when I go into the galaxy map, it doesn’t load. I hit b to back out and go back in it loads the map but if I click on anything it freezes in the first frames of first person travel sequence. Don’t even have the option to skip the scene. Music still plays but I can’t hit start to exit to main menu I have to quit the game entirely from home screen.

Avatar JustIce77

After the patch my game starts fine loads fine but then randomly crashes to desktop. It does this every time i start into my game now. By random I mean i have yet to figure out what triggers it as there are no event logs generated from this drop. Its a very consistent issue since the patch. Before the patch i had Zero issues.

Avatar Jacob Johnson

Same issue, I am loading from a save and the game gets to a full load screen then goes right back to the desktop. Very annoying!

Avatar Clayton ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

You can buy a new copy and it’ll work fine lol… They screwed up DRM in some peoples cases (Not even sure how but they use one of the worst cluster****s of a DRM system I’ve ever seen), and it only protected their game for 6 days, while there’s other games uncracked after half a year using other products that focus solely on virtualization lol

Avatar JustIce77

Why would anyone want to buy a new copy. Drm does suck.

Avatar Clayton ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

They wouldn’t. Just saying. That’s the only fix for it until they patch again (Not something BioWare is great about doing in a timely fashion).

Avatar JustIce77

The problem these days isn’t the developer, its ea. EA has a bad habit of doing stupid things…. atleast in the eyes of the public. Take the game titan fall 2 for instance, it was poised to be a breakout game. Ea putting its release right in the middle of other games like bf1 and Cod killed its sales. I’m sure it was a calculated move by ea to flop the game so they could do what they did which is buy the studio. I bet if you go back and look over the last decade you will find this to be the case with many studios they have acquired. Took to long to respond, missed that you had replied