Cyber Monday microphone deals for gamers and podcasters

Whether you’re a gamer, podcaster or music producer, having the right microphone for your needs is paramount. Top-notch multi-purpose microphones are quite expensive but you should not let this fact stop you from getting your hands on the best devices available on the market.

Take advantage of these flash deals deals and purchase these incredible microphones today.

What are the best microphones that I can buy with a discount?

Blue microphones

Blue Yeti microphones don’t need any introduction. They’re perfect for YouTubers, podcasters, gamers and business users. On the other hand, if you’re looking for the perfect mix of affordability and power, you should also check out the best deals on Blue Snowball microphones. We covered both.

If you want to enjoy the best Blue Yeti microphone experience, you also need a compatible software solution. To help you out, we compiled this list of software you can use together with your brand-new Blue Yeti mic.

Blue Yeti Microphones

If you are a YouTube creator or create content for other streaming and sharing platforms, a good microphone is a must if your content involves a lot of talking or even signing. Multiple brands offer great microphones, but Blue Yeti makes some of the best microphones that record not only excellent audio but are also budget-friendly.

Blue Snowball Microphones

Products made by Blue Microphones have always been regarded as top-notch in the music industry. Despite the fact that the company is not that old, Blue Microphones managed to make a name for itself by selling products that strike a perfect balance between power and affordability.


If Cortana or other digital personal assistants play an important role in your everyday life, you need a reliable microphone to get the message through. Having a quality microphone improves Cortana‘s speech recognition performance. The assistant will clearly understand your commands and won’t ask you to repeat what you just said.

360 degree microphones

These are the microphones you need if you want to capture absolutely all the sounds around you. They’re perfect for interviews and conferences as they allow you to record even the tiniest audio details in the room. We recommend getting one of these omnidirectional microphones for Skype and VoIP calls as well.

Shure microphones

Shure microphones offer amazing quality for a matching price. These devices are a standard on stages and their frequency is specifically tailored for vocals. They’re perfect for live shows as they can perfectly cancel background noise. Check out this list with the best deals that you can get right now.

Karaoke microphone

If you’re a Karaoke fan, these amazing microphones are absolutely necessary to take your singing to the next level. Many of the microphones from this list are equipped with LED lights to help you get into the karaoke atmophere faster. We also listed a few microphones that are extremely versatile allowing you to use them as speakers and recorders.

Wireless microphones

Wireless microphones bring a lot more convenience into your life. Forget about tangled cables and lost adapters and check out these deals right now! So, if you’re looking for a reliable microphone for parties, conferences, classrooms and even churches, we’re sure you’ll find the right one for your needs.

Studio microphones

Sound can’t get any better than with a studio mic. So if you want the best results, you’ll need the best equipment available. These are multi-purpose microphones as you can use them to record vocals, musical instruments, podcasts, interviews, and more.

Røde microphone

Røde microphones are well-known worldwide. If you need the best recording mics for outdoors, then should consider Røde as your first choice. They’re also great for vloggers as they’re compatible with most camcorders and DSLR cameras out there.

Condenser microphone

Looking for the perfect balance between price and performance? Take a look at the best condenser microphone deals that you can get right now. They’re perfect for vloggers, YouTube and Instagram influencers or anyone looking for a piece of equipment that’s both good and affordable.

Noise-cancelling microphone

If you want clear recordings without all the ambient noise that surrounds you, noise-cancelling microphones are your best bet. These devices are perfect for noisy crowded environments, including gaming rooms where tens of players compete to get the first spot on the leaderboards.

We regularly update this list with new microphones to help you make the best possible purchasing decision. If there is a particular type of microphone you need more information about, let us know in the comments below.