How to get the cheapest price for Microsoft 365?

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  • Microsoft 365, the rebranded Office 365, sells in several bundle options and in several payment plans. Some features are available for free for a limited period of time.
  • Additionally, certain suites are offered for free, for the Educational segment. Read on to learn more details.
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How do i get the cheapest price for Microsoft 365

When it comes to software, there’s nothing wrong with shopping around for the most affordable price, as long as the reseller is reliable and you are getting exactly what you paid for, no surprises.

When it comes to Microsoft 365, it is recommendable to get a paid plan straight from the developer. Microsoft subscription plans are flexible enough so that everyone can find a suitable package.

Of course, buying Microsoft 365 from a third-party is possible, perhaps at a slightly different price than the official ones advertised by Microsoft, but you’ll certainly trade off a few dollars for access to support or updates.

Which is the best deal for Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 comes in a few packages designed for 2 lines of business: personal/home and business. They also have a separate line for the Education segment.

On this note, for home users, perhaps the cheapest price stays the Office Home & Student 2019 plan since it’s a one-time payment. It allows access for lifetime use, for one PC to the most used Microsoft tools – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. paid plans for office 365

Monthly plans are available for all packages, starting from 5.99$ in the home line for the Personal plan, and 5$ in the business line for Business Basic, for instance.

Now it all depends on the features you need, and, of course, on the number of devices or persons that will be using the service.

Who gets the cheapest price?

Students and teachers can get Office 365 Education for free. It includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Microsoft Teams, plus additional classroom tools. All that’s needed is a valid school email address to get on enrolled in the program.

When can I find the best deals?microsoft 365 deal black friday

As they say, timing is everything. Of course, Microsoft advertises a list of official prices to start with, but depending on the time of the year and of other seasonal events (Black Friday for instance), you can easily find some good bargains.

For sure, once you subscribe, you will always be in for special deals whenever renewal approaches. Don’t forget about annual tech events such as DeveloperWeek or Microsoft Ignite, for which Microsoft surely design special deals.

As previously mentioned, the official Microsoft store displays up-to-date official prices for all packages. However, you can also look for deals with third-party resellers.

The only thing you need to do now is to take some time for shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Microsoft Word comes as a service in all Microsoft 365 subscription plans. While it can be installed individually for free for a trial period of 30 days, it does not sell separately. You have to choose a paid plan for an entire suite instead.

  • Microsoft 365 is available for free for a trial period of 30 days. Individual services from the classic packages like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint can be installed for free, depending on your needs. 

  • The yearly plan is one option for a paid subscription. But there’s also the monthly subscription, available for all packages except Office Home & Student 2019, which is a one-time purchase. 

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