Solved: Microsoft Edge pop-up blocker not working

by Ola-Hassan Bolaji
Ola-Hassan Bolaji
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  • The Microsoft Edge pop-up blocker allows you to surf the web without unnecessary distractions from pop-ups.
  • Unfortunately, you might notice that the pop-up blocker is not working after enabling it.
  • A quick and effective way to solve this problem is to block third-party cookies.
microsoft edge pop-up blocker not working

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With pop-ups a constant disturbance in the day-to-day browsing activities, the Microsoft Edge pop-up blocker is more than a welcome feature.

When you have this feature enabled, you can focus on browsing without worrying about pop-ups. However, users are starting to complain that the pop-up blocker is not working despite being enabled.

This problem can be due to reasons such as outdated browsers and malware, among other reasons.

This guide contains practical ways to return the Microsoft Edge pop-up blocker to normal.

How to enable the Microsoft Edge pop-up blocker

Sometimes, the reason you think Microsoft Edge pop-up blocker is not working is that you have not enabled it. Below is a quick rundown on how to get this done:

  1. Click the menu button (three horizontal dots) at the top right-hand button
  2. Select the Settings option.settings microsoft pop-up blocker not working
  3. Choose Privacy & security.pop-up blocker not working
  4. Scroll down to the Security section and toggle the Block pop-ups to the right to enable it.

How can I solve the Microsoft Edge pop-up blocker not working issue?

1. Update Microsoft Edge

  1. Click the menu button.
  2. Select the Settings option.general-microsoft pop-up blocker not working
  3. Now, click the General option.about app microsoft pop-up blocker not working
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and check the About this app section. You will find updates here if they are available.

An outdated browser performs below standards and could be why the Microsoft Edge pop-up blocker is not working. In this case, you only need to update the browser, and the bugs causing the problem will be eliminated.

2. Scan for Malware

Viruses cause all manner of problems. They can be the reason your browser can’t block pop-ups.

Performing a full scan virus scan with Windows Defender should do the trick. You can try a more accomplished and all-rounder third-party software like the ESET NOD32 antivirus app.

The ESET NOD32 antivirus scans your PC thoroughly and removes the most hidden virus that would be otherwise downright impossible to remove. It does not wait for malware to cause problems before it swings to action.

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Instead, it detects and blocks viruses before they get to your PC and keeps you protected online and offline. It just might be all you need to protect your PC from errors such as Microsoft Edge pop-up blocker not working.

3. Block third-party cookies

  1. Click the menu button and select the Settings option.
  2. Now, select the Privacy & Security option.privacy and security
  3. Locate the Cookies dropdown box and click it.cookies dropdown
  4. Select the Block only third-party cookies option.block only third-party cookies

Cookies help to improve your browsing experience. They allow you to take full advantage of what a site offers.

However, this might become a problem if the cookies include allowing pop-ups to display. This will counter your pop-up blocker and might stop it from working. The only way around this is to disable the cookies and restart your browser.

4. Clear browser cache

  1. Click the menu button and select the Settings option.
  2. Select the Privacy & security option on the left plane.choose what to clear
  3. Go to the Clear browsing data section and click the Choose what to clear button.
  4. Check the Cached data and files checkbox.clear cache
  5. Finally, click the Clear button.

The cache holds data that helps to automate some of your activities online. However, it might contain data stopping the Microsoft Edge pop-up blocker from working. By clearing your cache, this data will be removed, and your browser will be back to normal again.

5. Switch to another browser

If all the fixes above do not work, you can disable Microsoft Edge and try Opera for a change. It is a top-class browser with an ad blocker that does not just block ads but also keeps you protected when surfing the internet.

It is a real modern browser that packs lots of security and privacy features such as a built-in free VPN, and tracker blocker, among others. What’s more, it is fast, efficient and has a friendly and sleek design. With Opera, browser errors such as this will become history.

Get Opera

Pop-ups can be frustrating. Some of them might even contain malicious links that can harm your PC. This makes the pop-up blocker a good weapon to have in Microsoft Edge.

If the built-in pop-up blocker on Microsoft Edge is not working for you, this article contains simple yet effective solutions to solve the problem. If you are facing other problems aside from this one, you can check out our other detailed guides on Microsoft Edge.

We hope you find them useful and get back to enjoying your browsing experience. Feel free to discuss the solution that worked for you in the comments section below.

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