Nvidia 384.xx drivers break Battlefield 1, Gears of War 4 and many other games

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Nvidia 38x.xx driver bugs

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Many gamers recently complained that NVIDIA’s Geforce 384.xx drivers on Windows 10 PCs is a recipe for disaster. Players experienced various issues after installing the latest NVIDIA drivers on their computers, ranging from minor bugs such as blurry text to severe issues including FPS drops and game freezes.

Judging by gamers’ complaints, it appears that these problems are prevalent for Windows 10 Creators Update PCs.

Gamers are forced to install the latest NVIDIA updates

If you’re experiencing game issues after updating your NVIDIA driver, the natural thing to do is use an old driver. However, most games won’t work with any NVIDIA driver. Due to this limitation, many gamers said they were forced to update their NVIDIA driver to version 384.xx in order to be able play the game.

In other words, gamers are caught in a vicious circle. If they don’t install the latest NVIDIA driver updates, they can’t play their favorite games. But if they do update their graphics driver, they may encounter various game issues, as this Battlefield 1 player reports:

Why force a driver on us that will ruin the game, my game sonce installing the driver has been soo glitchy, low fps, stuttering and alot of random spikes. I know its a driver issue for sure and not the pc since i never had any issues with the 37X.XX drivers.

Oddly enough, many games are unplayable with the latest NVIDIA drives even on top of the line gaming laptops, such as Alienware. To make things worse, it seems that none of the NVIDIA 384.xx drivers are doing good enough.

This is what was left to see now, no 38x series drivers are doing good enough, all of them are messed up. FPS drops, stutters and what not.
I was holding on to 378.78 since it was released, god knows why they need to force us to update the drivers. Its none of their business what drivers we use, it should be up to us.

This wave of game bugs drove PC gamers angry. Many of them went as far as saying they would quit the respective games altogether if the issues persisted.

Have you experienced similar issues after installing the latest NVIDIA 384.xx driver updates on your PC? Let us know in the comments below.



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