Office 2016 Insider Preview for Windows 10 now lets you import AutoCAD 2010 and AutoCAD 2013 files

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There’s a new Office 2016 insider build available right now. It’s been a while since Microsoft released an update so seeing a new one just gives us the chills and then some.

Microsoft kicked off the Office 2016 Insider program similar to that of the Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile Insider program where users and developers can give feedback on various changes. So far, this move by the software giant is doing great for Windows 10, which means the same could happen for Office 2016.

The new Office 2016 Insider build number is 6.0.6868.2048, and brings the ability to import AutoCAD 2010 and AutoCAD 2013 files into Visio software. For those who are unaware, AutoCAD is all about creating stunning designs, and Microsoft Visio is one of the most popular vector graphics tools available today.

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Office 2016 and Visio working together makes for a powerful software suit every designer needs in his or her arsenal. Other improvements to Office 2016, includes collaborative tweaks in PowerPoint and Word.

Working with others couldn’t be any easier. You can now not only share and work on files with others as well as add comments but also, chat with them, review previous versions of the document you’re working on and restore one of them if needed,” says Microsoft in a blog post.

This recent update builds on the monthly releases Microsoft has been doing. So far, the updates have improved OneDrive integration, although we still believe it could be a lot better than it is now. Furthermore, there’s even real-time collaborating in PowerPoint, something the software didn’t have before.

Have you come to enjoy the Black Theme in Windows 10? Good, because Office 2016 Insider preview supports that along with new charts in Excel and ink annotations.

While we have come to enjoy these features, we can’t say when they will be rolled out for regular users, but this shouldn’t take very long.


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