Network latency will become history for Microsoft 365 users

by Claudiu Andone
Claudiu Andone
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  • Microsoft Teams and Stream are two very popular productivity apps in these troubled times.
  • The software giant will infuse the apps with a new solution that will improve their performance tenfold.
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Microsoft improves network latency for Microsoft 365 users

Microsoft Teams is the star of the company’s attention in these times of isolation. At its latest update extended the meeting limit to 20.000 participants.

Microsoft Stream is another app that is seeing increased popularity with Microsoft infusing it with live video annotation and a screen recording tool not long ago.

Now, the software giant plans to improve Teams and Stream with improved video capabilities by making a new deal with Riverbed.

Improved streaming in Microsoft apps is coming soon

According to Riverbed’s press release, with their new SaaS Accelerator 1.2 and Accelerator for Office 365, you will say goodbye to any network latency problems.

SaaS Accelerator now also supports Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Additionally, Riverbed SaaS Accelerator continues to accelerate and boost the performance by up to 10x of other top enterprise collaboration applications: including Microsoft O365 apps–SharePoint, Exchange, Office WebApps; Salesforce; ServiceNow; Box and Veeva; and also integrates with any Riverbed client or branch endpoint for mobile and branch employees.

The Saas accelerator looks like a seriously potent solution in the analyst firm report ESG published in June 2020.

According to the report results, file transfer times dropped from minutes to seconds in 13 locations globally where this solution was implemented.

They recorded a 79% drop in transfer time in London, 89% in Dubai, 73% in New Delhi, 89% in Tokyo and has seen an average of 79% transfer time drop in several U.S. cities.

That was translated in saving thousands of hours for the employees using the solution and potentially a lot of money saved in terms of productivity.

We will see the changes in Microsoft Teams and Stream pretty soon because the implementation of the Saas Accelerator is scheduled for Q3 2020.

What do you think about the new accelerator in Microsoft’s office applications? Drop us a line in the Comments section below.

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