7 of the best software to open CSV files in Windows 10

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open CSV files windows 10

CSV file (Comma Separated Value file) is a spreadsheet file format which contains data sets which are separated by commas. Each new line is separated by a comma to represent a new database row. CSV files are important as they helps to exchange data and is used in many scientific and business programs.

However, CSV files are opened by spreadsheet programs – this enables you to modify the files into cells which transfer data between various databases. Here are the best software that you can use to open CSV files on your Windows 10 computer.


Open CSV files with these tools

best software to open csv filesCorel Quattro Pro is developed by Corel and is a spreadsheet application for managing your accounts and finances.

In addition, Quattro Pro has a nice interface similar to Microsoft Excel this means it would be easier for users to adjust and use the application effectively. Quattro pro also supports CSV format and users can view, and modify formatting options such as the font, cell colour, border, and size.

Meanwhile, this software is easy to use and is now part of the Corel Word Perfect office package. Quattro is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Excel as it has similar features.

Note: Corel Quattro Pro is now part of WordPerfect

Download WordPerfect

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best software to open csv filesFile Viewer Plus is a simple tool used to view file formats. The application is a handy application to have on your system as it supports over 1000 different file formats.

However, CSV files can be easily viewed using this software. Although, the application is limited and you cannot manipulate the file easily like other applications mentioned above.

Furthermore, File Viewer is a good handy application to have on your system as it enables you to view a large number of system file formats.

Download File Viewer Plus

best software to open csv filesSaving the best for the last, Microsoft Excel is the industry standard spreadsheet program for organizing and manipulating data. The application enables users to sort data and allows tools for analyzing and gathering data easily.

In addition, Excel has many mathematical functions which let you manipulate data and compute results, users can also download preloaded templates which are set to their preferences for organizing data.

Excel supports a large number of formats including CSV system format. With excel you have more functions when accessing your CSV file; hence, you can edit, manipulate and visualize the data contained in the file. You can also change the font size and pattern of the information contained in the CSV file format.

Moreover, MS Excel is the best software to open CSV files and is recommended for all fields, as you can easily keep statistical checks and analysis. However, MS Excel is packaged under Microsoft office suite but can be downloaded as a stand-alone application.

Download Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Notepad

best software to open csv filesMicrosoft Notepad is a popular text editor used for basic programming and editing text format files. It has limited options since it is a text editor unlike a full Word processor although you can modify text, font, size, and script.

The tool supports many file formats including HTML, CFG, and CSV system files. Notepad can view and modify contents stored in CSV file format.

The text editor is a useful editor for coding as it supports HTML and other coding formats. Meanwhile, Notepad is a lightweight but powerful built-in tool on your Windows system.

best software to open csv filesQuicken Deluxe  is a personal spreadsheet application used to track and manage financial accounts. It has many features which arrange your expenses and allows you to monitor your budget and keep your debt free.

With Quicken Deluxe you can easily import data from other financial management programs and set up your preferred settings easily. The program also supports CSV format and you can view, modify and format the information contained in the CSV format.

In addition, Quicken Deluxe also offers users a reporting tool which allows you to create custom financial reports. The financial tool is a great application for users that want to have more control over their finances and this makes it a handy tool for users that want to access CSV file format.

Download Quicken Deluxe

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best software to open csv filesLibreOffice is an open suite which has several applications which allow users to create and modify different types of documents. The suite is free to download and offers similar features to the polar Microsoft Office suite.

Meanwhile, this office suite has a word processor, spreadsheet application, and database management application as part of its suite.

The spreadsheet application called Calc supports CSV file format and you can use this application to view edit, modify and save CSV file format. Calc has many tools which have been organized in an easy to use interface.

LibreOffice can also be used to create presentations and manage a database. It is an excellent alternative to Microsoft office suite, as it is cheaper and similar in functions to its more expensive rival.

Download LibreOffice

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best software to open csv filesApache Open Office is an open office suite similar to LibreOffice and is used to create and modify documents the program has many applications that mirror Libre office with a word processor called writer spreadsheet called Calc which is a spreadsheet application.

In addition, this software supports CSV file format; hence, users can open, view, and modify contents contained in the file. It has tools which can be used to organize CSV files and supports may industry standard formats such as DocX and PDF.

Apache open office is free to use and good software to open CSV files.

Download Apache Open Office

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In conclusion, the programs we mentioned above are the best software to open CSV files. However, some of the applications are limited in functionality. Hence, Microsoft Excel is the highly recommended software to open CSV files in Windows 10 computers.

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