How to open VFS files on Windows 10 [COMPLETE GUIDE]

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How to open VFS files on Windows 10

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VFS is a somewhat obscure file format that few programs support. Those are files that contain an index of directories from HDD or media storage. The file type is associated with some HP all-in-one-printers and games that utilize the VFS extension for file archives.

Learn how to open it in this article.

How can I open VFS Files?

1. Open Game Archive VFS Files With Dragon UnPACKer 5

  1. As mentioned, a few games have VFS archives that contain images, audio, maps, and other data. Users can open VFS archive files with Dragon UnPACKer 5 by clicking the Get the recommended version button on the program’s website.
  2. Click dup570beta-setup.exe to open the setup wizard for Dragon UnPACKer 5. Then install the software with the setup wizard.
  3. Next, open the Dragon UnPACKer 5 window shown directly below.The Dragon UnPACKer 5 software how to open vfs files on Windows 10
  4. Thereafter, click File > Open.
  5. Select the VFS, and press the Open button. That will open the VFS as shown directly below.A VFS file opened in Dragon unPACKer how to open vfs files on Windows 10
  6. Thereafter, users can browse through the VFS subfolders on the left of the window. The right side of the window displays the files within each subfolder.

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2. Convert HP VFS Files to Alternative Formats

  1. Users can convert the HPIMAGE.VFS file to various alternative file formats, such as JPG, PDF, and ABM, at Conversion Ai. Open the HP All In One Thumbnail File (.VFS) page on that website in a browser.
  2. Then select HP All In One Thumbnail File (.VFS) on the top VFS Converter drop-down menu.
  3. Select an alternative format to convert it to on the second drop-down menu, and click the Convert button. Thereafter, open the converted file with software that supports the format.

Conversion Ai website how to open vfs files on Windows 10

  1. Note that users can also eliminate HP VFS files by turning off the Enable Faster Browsing setting. To do that, select Setup on the printer’s control panel.
  2. Select the Preferences option with the arrow keys.
  3. Press OK to confirm.
  4. Then select the Enable Faster Browsing setting, and press OK.
  5. Select the Off option, and press OK to confirm the new setting. That will stop the printer adding VFS files to flashcards.



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