3 Ways to Fix Opera GX if Your Bookmarks Are Not Showing

If Opera GX bookmarks disappeared, here is how to get them back

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  • Users may need to fix Opera GX bookmarks not showing in that browser because of bugs, browser updates, or accidental erasure.
  • Some users have been able to restore deleted Opera bookmarks by renaming data files for backup copies.
  • Other users may need to apply browser reinstall or reset troubleshooting methods to fix Opera GX bookmarks.
Have problems with your current version of Opera? Download the latest version from the official websiteAlthough many possible causes lead to issues with your Opera browser, one of the fastest solutions is to first reinstall your browser. We do not recommend downloading Opera from any 3rd party source unless it is verified, as you risk getting malware and all types of errors because of it.
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Opera GX is the gaming version of the Opera browser. It includes some novel features that aren’t in the standard version, such as a built-in Operius game and a RAM limiter.

Some Opera GX users have issues with bookmarks not showing up in that browser. When that issue occurs, users can’t see their bookmarked pages in the Bookmarks tab or sidebar.

Bookmarks can completely disappear for some Opera GX users. Some Opera GX users have said that bookmarks don’t show up when they try to add new ones.

One of our readers said that when he opened Opera, his bookmarks disappeared and he was advised to back up his bookmarks.adr file before updating the browser but after that, his bookmarks disappeared again.

When Opera GX doesn’t show bookmarked pages, you lose shortcuts to your favorite sites. The fixes below may help some users fix bookmarks not showing or working in Opera browsers.

Why are my Opera GX bookmarks gone?

It may be the case that Opera GX doesn’t display your bookmarks simply because they’re not there anymore. That can happen when users accidentally delete bookmarks from the browser.

However, some Opera users (like the one quoted above) have also reported their bookmarks vanishing after browser updates. Thus, Opera updates can seemingly cause bookmarks to mysteriously disappear.

Or the bookmarks feature in your Opera GX may not be working right because of some kind of bug. Software bugs can cause all kinds of browser issues. You can report Opera bugs on its bug report page.

How do I show the bookmarks bar in Opera GX?

The bookmarks bar isn’t enabled by default in Opera GX. You can check if the bookmarks bar includes saved pages when you can’t see them in the Bookmarks tab.

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To view Opera GX’s bookmarks bar, click the menu button at the top left corner of that browser’s window. Then click the Show bookmarks bar option within the Appearance settings.

The Show bookmarks bar option opera gx bookmarks not showing

How do I get my bookmarks back on Opera GX?

1. Check Opera GX’s Trash Bin

  1. Enter opera://bookmarks in the Opera’s GX address bar, and hit the Return button.
  2. Click the Bin icon.
    Bin button opera gx bookmarks not showing
  3. If you see any deleted bookmarks there, click the Select (tick) icons for them.
    Deleted pages opera gx bookmarks not showing
  4. Left-click one of the selected bookmarks and hold the mouse button.
  5. Then drag them back into your bookmark folder to restore them.

If there aren’t any deleted bookmarks in the trash, you may still be able to restore backup copies of them by renaming Bookmarks and Bookmarks.bak files.

To do so, open this folder path: C:\Users\<user folder name>\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera GX Stable

Right-click the Bookmarks and Bookmarks.bak files there to select Rename. Change Bookmarks to Bookmarks.old and the Bookmarks.bak file to Bookmarks (delete its BAK extension).

2. Reset Opera GX

  1. Press Opera GX’s Alt + P hotkey.
  2. Select Advanced to expand Opera GX’s Settings tab.
    Advanced button opera gx bookmarks not showing
  3. Scroll right down to the very bottom of the tab to click Restore settings to their original defaults.
    Restore settings to their original defaults option opera gx bookmarks not showing
  4. Click the Reset option to do it.

3. Reinstall Opera GX

  1. Open the Power User menu in Windows 11/10, and select its Run option.
    The Run option opera gx bookmarks not showing
  2. Type this text in Run and select OK: appwiz.cpl
  3. Select the Opera GX browser, and click Uninstall for it.
    Uninstall button opera gx bookmarks not showing
  4. Then press the Re-install option (don’t select the Delete my Opera data option).

How do I backup my Opera GX bookmarks?

You can keep copies of your bookmarks Opera GX. By doing so, you’ll be able to restore bookmarks if they get accidentally deleted. You can back up bookmarks in Opera GX like this:

  1. Open the Bookmarks Import and Export page in Opera GX.
  2. Click the + Add to Opera button.
  3. Press the Extensions button.
    Extensions button opera gx bookmarks not showing
  4. Click Bookmarks Imports & Exports to open that add-on.
    Export option opera gx bookmarks not showing
  5. Select the Export option to save a Bookmarks.html backup file.

Then you can select to import the bookmarks.html file whenever you need to restore missing bookmarks in Opera.

There aren’t many confirmed potential fixes for bookmarks not showing in Opera GX. Reinstalling or resetting Opera GX will most likely resolve bugs affecting the browser.

Opera GX

Update or reinstall Opera GX to get your full gaming browser experience.

If you might have accidentally deleted bookmarks, try applying the first resolution. You may be able to find missing bookmarks in the trash or restore a recent backup of them by renaming Bookmarks.bak.

You might also be interested in our guide on how to transfer all your browser data from Opera to Opera GX.

Have you found another resolution for fixing Opera GX bookmarks not showing? If you have, we would love to hear about it in the comments section below.

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