How to Transfer All Your Browser Data from Opera One to Opera GX

You may easily copy Opera One’s profile to GX’s profile

by Madhuparna Roy
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  • A perfect browser for game lovers, Opera GX is also known for its speed, exceptional user interface, and efficient memory usage.
  • So, if you want to use Opera GX instead, you may want to import all your browser data from Opera One.
  • But, can you transfer all the data from Opera One including the bookmarks, settings (browsing history and cookies) passwords, and also the extensions?
how to import data from opera to opera gx
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If you are currently using Opera One and wondering how to transfer data to Opera GX, we have some quick solutions for you.

When talking about some of the features of Opera GX, it’s slightly a notch above most of the popular browsers including Opera One.

For example, some of its features like the GX Control/GX C corner, make it a better platform for gaming indeed.

So, if you want to know about the best Opera GX settings to optimize your gaming experience, you can read our detailed guide for more details.

Can I import extensions from Opera One?

While you can follow solution 1 below to transfer all data including extensions from Opera One to Opera GX if it fails, you can follow the below process:

  1. Open Opera One and navigate to the below path: opera:about
  2. Here, go to Paths and copy the profile path. Opera stable profile path
  3. Now, press the Win + E hotkeys to open File Explorer, navigate to the copied path, and copy all the files and folders from the profile directory.copy Opera files and folders
  4. Next, paste the copied files and folders into your preferred location to create a backup of the Opera One data.
  5. Now, launch Opera GX and click on the cube icon in the sidebar to open the Extensions window. opera gx extensions
  6. Enable the Developer mode on the upper right and click on Load unpacked. opera GX load unpacked
  7. Now, select the Extensions folder from the location where you saved it, then select the sub-folder with the extensions, and finally select the folder with the desired extension.

So, this is how you can successfully transfer extensions from Opera One to Opera GX.

So, if you want to shift to Opera GX, but are not sure how to import data from Opera One to Opera GX, we have a quick guide for you below.

How do I transfer Opera One data to Opera GX?

1. Copy Opera One’s profile to GX’s profile

  1. Launch Opera One and navigate to the below path: opera:about
  2. Now, scroll down and go to Paths. Here, copy the profile path next to it.copy opera profile
  3. Next, press the Win + E keys simultaneously to launch File Explorer.
  4. Paste the profile path copied in step 2 in the address bar and hit Enter.
  5. Next, copy everything under the Opera Stable folder and keep the File Explorer open. copy Opera files and folders
  6. Now, open Opera GX and repeat steps 1 and 2 to copy its profile path.copy opera gx profile path
  7. Next, in the File Explorer window, paste the copied profile path and hit Enter.
  8. Paste all data you copied in step 5 in Opera GX‘s profile folder. paste opera files and folder under opera gx

Once done, relaunch Opera GX to find all the data from your Opera One browser.

2. Sync data from Opera One to Opera GX

  1. Launch Opera GX and navigate to the below path: opera://settings/importdata
  2. Next, on the right, scroll down and under Synchronisation, click on Import bookmarks and settings. Opera gx import data settings
  3. In the Import bookmarks and settings pop up, select Opera 15+ from the dropdown.
  4. Check all the boxes Browsing history, Favourites/Bookmarks, Saved passwords, and Cookies. Click on Import. import bookmarks and settings

This will automatically import all the Opera One settings to Opera GX effortlessly.

Opera One vs Opera GX

With Discord and Twitch merged perfectly, and the option to set limits on CPU, RAM, and Network, Opera One GX does well in terms of gaming.

However, when comparing Opera One with Opera GX, the former does well in terms of a simplified interface, both feature a built-in VPN, and offer similar privacy options.

Is Opera GX better than Opera One?

If you are into gaming, yes, then Opera GX is indeed better than Opera One in terms of its unique aesthetics.

Some of the key features of Opera GX that may entice you to make a shift are:

  • GX Corner for gaming information
  • A tool named GX Cleaner cleans browsing data
  • GX Control to limit the Network, RAM, and CPU usage
  • Built-in Music Player

Get Opera One

Get Opera GX

For a fair comparison between Opera and the Opera GX and to find out which is the best choice for you, you can refer to our detailed guide for better insight.

Whether you choose Opera One or Opera GX, as a user you are in a win-win situation as most of the useful features like the built-in VPN, ad-blocker, or crypto wallet are common in both browsers.

Best of all, if you are a fan of the Chrome add-ons, you can follow our comprehensive guide on how to install & use Chrome extensions on Opera.

For any other queries on the Opera One or the Opera GX browser, you can leave a message in the comments box below.

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