Opera GX Download For Windows 11

You can download Opera GX on Windows 11 in just a couple of clicks

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  • There are a lot of gamers that chose to use Opera Gx as their main browser.
  • This version is actually dedicated to gaming and has a lot of useful features.
  • Now you can download Opera GX on Windows 11, directly from the Store.
  • Also, Opera GX users will get a free, unlimited, built-in VPN and ad blocker.
opera GX store

In this article, we explore downloading Opera GX from the Microsoft Store.

When we think of Microsoft, the first browser that probably comes to mind is not Opera GX. The company has been more famous for Internet Explorer and, more recently, Microsoft Edge.

However, regardless of the Operating system, as far as gaming is concerned, Opera GX is leaps and bounds above any other browser. With features like CPU limiters, integrations for Twitch and Discord, and some cool sound effects, it is a gamers’ haven.

The good news is that you can enjoy all the features on your Windows PC, so let’s go straight into it.

You will find our Opera GX detailed review and download steps very helpful.

Is Opera available on Microsoft Store?

Here’s some excellent news for all you Opera fans out there. The company has brought Opera GX, their gamer-optimized browser, to the Microsoft Store on Windows 11.

This browser version is built for gamers, both in design and functionality, with unique features such as CPU, RAM, and Network limiters to help you get the most out of gaming and browsing.

Is Opera GX good for Windows 10?

While Windows 10 may not be the best or most evolved Windows OS, you must note that Opera GX was made to be adaptable to different Windows editions. So, on the OS, you will not be missing any of the browser’s excellent features.

Does Opera GX work on Windows 11?

The browser is always a top recommendation for use on Windows 11. Of course, Microsoft’s latest operating system is the most robust to date.

This makes it the perfect OS for the browser with a lot of functionality. You will be getting the best out of it on Windows 11, as they are very compatible.

How do I download Opera GX on Windows 11?

In this article

1. Download Opera GX from the Windows Store app

  1. Click on your computer’s Start menu, type store, and click on the Microsoft Store application.
    Opera GX Microsoft Store
  2. Optionally, you can open the Microsoft Store from your taskbar by clicking the store icon.
    Opera GX Microsoft Store
  3. Make sure you are logged into the Microsoft Store app.
  4. Type Opera GX at the top search bar and hit the Enter key.
    Opera GX Microsoft Store
  5. Click the Get button, then the Install button.

In a few minutes, you should have been able to download and install the browser on your device. Now you can launch the browser the same way you’ll start any other application on your computer. This method will work for Opera GX on Windows 11.

2. Download Opera GX from the Microsoft Store web app

  1. Launch your browser and navigate to the Microsoft Store.
  2. Click on the sign in icon at the top right of the web page.
    Opera GX Microsoft Store
  3. Input your username or email and click the Next button.
  4. On the next window, input your password and click Next again.
  5. By the Let apps access your info window, click Yes.
    Opera GX Microsoft Store
  6. Type Opera GX into the search bar on the left pane and hit Enter.
  7. Click on the Get in Store app button.
  8. Click on the Install button that shows on the Store screen pop-up.
    Opera GX Microsoft Store

This will start the download and installation of the Opera browser, and it should be completed in a few minutes.

3. Opera GX download from the Opera website

  1. Launch your browser.
  2. Navigate to the Opera GX official website.
  3. Click on the Download Opera GX button.
  4. This will open your File Explorer, where you can choose a download location, then click on the Save button.
    Opera GX Microsoft Store
  5. Click on the downloaded file to begin the installation, and follow the prompts from the installation wizard.

This process takes just a few minutes, and you should be able to launch your Opera GX browser like any other PC app.

You should note that when Opera GX is not opening on Windows 11, you may want to follow this step to install a new clean version on your PC.

Can you download Opera GX on Xbox?

The Opera GX browser has been sold as the most pro gaming browser, meaning that if there was any browser that would be great on your gaming consoles, it would be the one.

That said, it has not always been available on Xbox but starting with the S series of the Xbox console, Microsoft’s most powerful console, you will be able to use your Opera GX browser.

The fact that Opera GX is now available on the Microsoft Store means that Microsoft decided to bring more browser options for those interested in a different experience than Edge.

And this latest version of GX also comes with native Discord and Twitch access in the sidebar, as well as Razer Chroma and Corsair iCUE integration so that you can sync reactive lighting with your browser actions.

Furthermore, GX now includes the offline game Operius, a new arcade space shooter to play in your browser when the WiFi is out, pretty neat, right?

You can enjoy this and more after you have downloaded the browser.

Also, verify if this is the correct choice for gamers by checking our dedicated article on this browser.

Are you excited about this addition to the Windows 11 Store? Let us know in the comments section below.

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