How to cancel meetings without sending notifications in Outlook

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outlook cancel meeting without notifying attendees

When you select to cancel a meeting appointment in Outlook, a cancellation notifier opens for you to notify attendees with. However, what if you just want to delete a meeting from your calendar without cancelling it?

Then you’ll need to cancel it without sending any cancellation notifications to attendees. There are a couple of ways you can do that in Outlook.

How can I cancel an Outlook Meeting without notifying attendees?

1. Select the Work Offline option

  1. You can ensure nobody receives a meeting cancellation notification by selecting the Work Offline option. First, open the Outlook application.
  2. Then select Outlook’s Send/Receive tab, which includes a Work Offline button.
  3. Click the Work Offline button.
  4. Next, switch to Outlook’s calendar view.
  5. Select the meeting that you want to remove from your calendar.
  6. Click the Cancel Meeting button on the tab.Cancel Meeting button outlook how to cancel meeting without notification
  7. Press the Send Cancellation button. Outlook won’t send any notification as you selected Work Offline.Work Offline option outlook how to cancel meeting without notification
  8. Switch to Outlook’s Mail view.
  9. Click the Outbox folder on the left of window.
  10. Right-click the meeting cancellation email in the Outbox and select Delete.
  11. Then return to the Send/Receive tab and click Work Offline to restore Outlook’s connectivity.

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2. Remove all email addresses from the To field for the send cancellation

  1. Alternatively, you can modify the To field in the cancellation email. Open Outlook’s Calendar view.
  2. Select the meeting on the calendar.Outlook calendar outlook how to cancel meeting without notification
  3. Select the Cancel Meeting option.
  4. Erase all the email addresses in the To field.Send cancellation button outlook how to cancel meeting without notification
  5. Then click the Send Cancellation button.

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So, that’s how a meeting organizer can remove meetings from their calendars without notifying attendees. Then the meeting can still go ahead as scheduled.

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