Fix Programs Closing by Themselves in Windows 10 [5 Steps]

Discover expert solutions to stop programs from closing on their own

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Key notes

  • If Windows 10 apps open and close immediately, chances are that it's a third-party conflict to blame.
  • Removing the problematic program from your PC is the fastest way to fix this issue.
  • In case the problem started after an update, reinstall the previous Windows 10 version, as described below.
Windows 10 11 closing programs without warning
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After certain Windows 10 updates, many users have reported that apps open and close immediately.

When Windows 10 apps are not opening, it points to a deeper problem that needs to be identified and eliminated. Also, for many, it is only the Microsoft Store apps that open and close immediately.

Why are my applications randomly closing?

Here are some of the reasons why you are encountering the issue:

  • Third-party apps creating conflicts – Several third-party apps and processes have been found to conflict with the functioning of the OS and cause other apps to crash.
  • Corrupt system files – A major reason behind apps crashing in Windows and a few scans should get things running.
  • Issues with the user profileCorrupt user profile can cause a range of issues, including programs closing by themselves.
  • Bugs in the last installed version of OS – Oftentimes, it was a bug in the recently installed version of OS that caused the problem. Apply the below procedure for Windows 10 or check this guide on how to uninstall an update on Windows 11 if you are using this OS.

How do I stop apps from closing in Windows?

Let’s first try a few quick checks that have worked for users.

  • If this is the first time you are encountering this problem, restart the computer. In many cases, it was a one-off issue and didn’t appear again.
  • Try logging in with another user profile, preferably an Administrator account.
  • Check for overheating.
  • Make sure the RAM is properly seated.

If these methods didn’t work, the next few solutions surely would.

1. Disable and uninstall Asus GPU Tweak 

  1. To fix the Microsoft apps close immediately issue, click the System Tray icon, right-click on Asus GPU Tweak 2/3, and choose Close/Exit.
  2. After closing it, relaunch any app on your PC and check if it stays open without any issues. 

If the problem seems to have disappeared, you should uninstall Asus GPU Tweak.

Uninstall Asus GPU Tweak 

  1. Press Windows + R to open Run, type appwiz.cpl in the text field, and click OK.appwiz.cpl to fix windows 10 apps open and close immediately
  2. Locate the Asus Tweak GPU app and click Uninstall.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  4. Once done with the uninstallation, restart the computer.

The Asus GPU Tweak app has been reported to conflict with other Windows apps, and because of it, your game opens and closes immediately in Windows 10.

Keep in mind that other apps, too, can cause this problem, so you might have to remove them as well. To make sure that an application is completely removed, we suggest using a dedicated utility such as CCleaner.

CCleaner is a tool that specializes in cleaning junk files, finding and uninstalling old and unused apps, and scanning your computer deeply for other errors.


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2. Disable startup apps

  1. To fix the Office apps close immediately after opening issue, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager, and head to the Startup tab.task manager
  2. Locate every single program that reads Enabled under the Status column, select it, and then click on Disable.disable startup apps to fix windows 10 apps open and close immediately
  3. Once done, restart the computer.

If Windows 10 apps open and close immediately on startup, it could be one of the other startup apps that caused the issue. So, disable every one of these and check if the problem is resolved.

3. Boot in Safe Mode

The Safe Mode would provide you with an optimal environment to troubleshoot the problem.

  1. Press Windows + I to open Settings, and click on Update & Security.
update & security

2. Navigate to the Recovery tab, and click on the Restart now button under Advanced startup.

get started to fix windows 10 apps open and close immediately

3. Click on Troubleshoot.

4. Select Advanced options.

advanced options

5. Now, choose Startup Settings.

startup settings to fix windows 10 apps open and close immediately

6. Click the Restart button.

restart to fix windows 10 apps open and close immediately

7. You will now find display multiple boot options. Press either 46 or F4F6 to boot into the desired Safe Mode.

safe mode to fix windows 10 apps open and close immediately

Once in Safe Mode, launch any app on your PC and check if programs are closing by themselves issue in Windows 7/10/11 is gone.

Also, you can also safely uninstall the problematic app causing the error in Safe Mode if it wasn’t possible earlier.

4. Uninstall the latest Windows update

  1. To fix the Windows 10 apps open and close immediately issue, press Windows + I to open Settings, and click on Update & Security.update & security
  2. Click on View update history.view update history to fix windows 10 apps open and close immediately
  3. Choose Uninstall updates.uninstall updates to fix windows 10 apps open and close immediately
  4. Now, select the last installed update, and then click Uninstall.uninstall to fix windows 10 apps open and close immediately
  5. Click Yes in the confirmation prompt.confirm change

Do note that you will have to disable Windows 10 updates to stop these from installing automatically until a newer version with a patch is released. And once it’s available, go ahead and install it.

5. Reinstall Windows

When nothing else works, you have no option but to reinstall Windows 10. We recommend creating a bootable USB drive using Rufus and then installing the OS through it.

A clean install is usually the best choice since new Windows files are installed, and everything on the PC is wiped clean. For most users, reinstalling Windows 10 is what finally fixes things when apps open and close immediately.

Alternatively, if a virus is closing programs automatically, check out how to recover your computer after a malware infection.

That’s all the solutions you will ever need to eliminate the problem, and it should certainly be fixed by now.

Also, find the best software to install on Windows 10 and improve your work efficiency.

If the solutions from this guide helped you fix the issue, let us know in the comments below.

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