Projector bulb that won’t turn on? Here’s what you need to do

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Fix Projector Lamp Wont Turn On

Projector lamp or Projector bulb is one of the most essential pieces of hardware. While the projector bulbs are tested to last long enough, at times your projector bulb may won’t turn on. This can happen with any projector and the reason can be many including a defective projector bulb that requires replacement as seen on the Reddit Community.

I have a BenQ ms524 and I took the casing off to clean the dust out. When I put it back together and plugged it in, the power light flashed red for a brief moment and then shut off. I unplugged it and plugged it back in and the light wouldn’t turn on. Something’s interrupting the power but I don’t know what I could have done to cause this. Someone please help.

Follow the steps listed in this article to troubleshoot the projector bulb won’t turn on problem.

How do you fix a projector that won’t turn on?

1. Check the Bulb Light

projector bulb won't turn on

  1. Your projector comes with some LED indicators that can help you to understand what’s the issue with your projector.
  2. Check the image above that shows the LED indicators and what it means.
  3. Now if the Lamp LED is flashing red, it means the Lamp has a problem.
  4. If it is flashing orange, you need to replace the Lamp.
  5. If the Lamp LED is off, that means the problem is with the sensor or the fan.
  6. If the Lamp LED is flashing orange, there is an obstacle around the projection window. Remove the obstacle or clean the obstacle sensors.
  7. If the Lamp LED flashing Red, it is an internal Project error.

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2. Other Solutions to Try

projector bulb won't turn on

  1. Make sure the power cable is connected properly to the projector. Check the power cord for issues.
  2. Check if the projector’s buttons are locked for security reasons. Unlock if locked.
  3. Check the projector has entered sleep mode.
  4. If the Projector’s lamp has turned off and the Power and Temp lights are on, it means the projector has overheated and shut down to protect the projector from any damages.
  5. If nothing seems working, send the projector for repair if it is under warranty.


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