Projector won’t show computer screen [SOLVED]

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Business users often utilize projectors to project slideshows on PC VDUs (Visual Display Units) to larger projector screens. However, users can also run into a few snags when they try to set up a projector to display a slideshow on a laptop or desktop. Sometimes a projector might not display anything at all.

How do I display my computer screen on a projector?

1. Check for Loose Cables

Users who connect their projectors with HDMI and VGA cables should check that those cables aren’t in any way loose. Check that the cables are securely connected with their required ports on both PC and projector. If not, unplug and the cable and then plug it back in again to ensure a secure connection.

HDMI cable projector won't show computer screen

2. Switch the Display Mode

Some users might need to adjust their display mode settings to fix projector display. To do that, press the Windows key + P hotkey, which opens the sidebar shown directly below. The Duplicate display mode option there is the one most widely utilized for projector presentations. So, that’s probably the best display mode option to select if it’s not already selected.

display mode options projector won't show computer screen

If you need to properly set up a projector on Windows 10, check these guides.

3. Turn on the PC’s Video Output

Some users might need to turn on their desktop’s or laptop’s video output to enable projection. To do that, users usually need to press an Fn hotkey combination. For example, Acer laptop users can press an Fn + F5 hotkey to turn on the video output. However, the video output hotkey varies between different PC brands. Users can check their PC manuals for further video output hotkey details.

keys projector won't show computer screen

4. Check if the Projector’s Standby Mode is On

The projector might be on standby mode. Users can wake up a projector in standby by pressing its standby mode button. If you’re not sure where the standby mode button is, look through the projector’s manual for further details.
A projector projector won't show computer screen

5. Update Graphics Card and Port Adapter Drivers

A projector display error might also pertain to a graphics card or HDMI/VGA port adapter drivers. To check if those drivers need updating, add Driver Booster 6 to Windows by clicking Free Download on the software’s page. Thereafter, install the software; and open its window. DB 6 will automatically scan and show users devices that need a driver update. Click the Update Now button if the scan highlights graphics card or HDMI/VGA port adapter drivers need updating.

Driver Booster 6 projector won't show computer screen

Those are a few resolutions that might fix a projector which doesn’t project a laptop’s or desktop’s display. Note that the projector hardware might also need repairing or include a lamp that needs replacing. Users can return projectors within their warranty periods to manufacturers for repairs.

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